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Do you want to make high-quality botanical extracts? By all means! Then you’ll benefit from the text below.

In this article, you’ll learn everything about where to buy heptane and how it works. How can you use this solvent, and how should you handle it? Read on to find out more.


What is Heptane?

Heptane is a non-polar solvent used in industries, homes, and laboratories. People prefer this liquid because it has low toxicity, a slow evaporation rate, a low boiling point, and water insolubility. And as you’ll see below, those features help users get the most value for their money.

On that note, let’s dive into the…

Benefits of Heptane

Rating Gasoline

Here’s an interesting fact you didn’t know about heptane. Fuel companies use this solvent to create octane ratings. And with this standard, people can thus pick the best fuels for their cars. How? The higher the octane rating, the better the anti-knocking benefits for your engine.

Ironically, you can use this solvent for gasoline classification, but you can’t use it as fuel. Manufacturers, therefore, utilize it to rank gasoline because it has the lowest octane rating: 0%. This property means that heptane can’t handle any engine compression before combustion.

But there’s more to heptane than a rating system…

Oil Extraction

Heptane offers a low-cost, effective and scalable extraction method. Moreover, this solvent helps you obtain a large concentration of vital plant compounds like alkaloids, phenols, and flavonoids. Use heptane for botanical extracts or vegetable oil extraction. You won’t regret it.

This solvent offers an effortless oil purification process without ruining your product’s potency. Top extraction companies also report that this technique is better than steam distillation because it preserves fragile compounds. Besides that convenience, heptane is environmentally friendly.

And now onto the sciences…

Laboratory Solvent

Scientists and researchers can benefit from heptane in various experiments. For example, you can use this solvent in the grease spot test. And here’s how the liquid works. Heptane is non-polar, meaning it can only extract non-polar compounds, like oils, waxes, and lipids.

You’ll also witness heptane’s effectiveness in differentiating chemicals such as bromine and iodine. This chemical utility bases itself on the fact that iodine turns purple after dissolving in heptane. And bromine retains its brown color when you add the solvent.

But, the sciences are incomplete without biology…

Making Anesthesia

Imagine how scared you would be if a doctor had to cut you open while you were conscious. Surgical procedures would also be more challenging and ineffective. But who can blame you? Pain is a highly uncomfortable experience for human beings.

Luckily, the medical field has evolved past cruel procedures on the human body. And among the innovations is the use of heptane for anesthesia. This medication numbs your nerves and makes you unconscious, helping the surgeon give you the quality health experience you deserve.

Here’s another exciting application…

Creating Quality Inks

There’s nothing as frustrating as printing a critical page, but it ends up fading fast. Now you have to repeat the process. Also, who likes ink that chokes you with a pungent smell? Not you! So, you want ink that dries quickly and neatly, looks attractive and lasts longer.

And you’ll get those benefits through heptane-based products. This liquid helps mix the resins, dyes, glycerin, lubricants, and fluorescents. Therefore, purchase stamp pad inks, pens, and printer ink containing this solvent for quality writing and editing.

However, you can’t mention heptane’s benefits without…

Manufacturing Paints and Adhesives

All buildings contain it. Your house would be incomplete without this greasy substance giving your home or building a unique look. People ignore this coloring daily, but it plays a crucial role in all construction projects.

That product is the paint coating, and heptane forms a crucial ingredient. Therefore, this solvent allows you to create a durable and attractive appearance for your building.

You can also make rubber cement to bond leather, glass or ceramics. Indeed, this liquid has outstanding capabilities.

But be mindful of your…


Use and store heptane in well-ventilated areas and away from direct flames to prevent fire accidents. Also, do not take or handle this product without the proper safety gear such as masks and gloves because it can cause fatal toxicity. Moreover, you don’t want irritation on your eyes, skin, nose, or throat.


Heptane is a versatile solvent. People use this liquid in fuel industries, hospitals, oil extraction companies, laboratories, and construction sites. And in any application that you employ this non-polar compound, it will surpass your standards.

Buy heptane from Simple Solvents or other reputable vendors and enjoy the benefits. Remember to read the safety guidelines for proper handling and safety protocols.

Writer’s bio: Nikolay Stoyanov is the founder of It’s a cannabis marketing agency based in Denver, Colorado. Nik and his team have been helping CBD brands scale their business with the help of search engine optimization and content marketing.



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