5 Luxury ideas for your home

We would probably all like a little more luxury in our homes. It’s really good fun to dream of the ways you might inject high-end products if money was no object. Even if you don’t have a huge budget, I hope the 5 luxury ideas for your home outlined in this post will inspire you to make small changes to your place. You can have a hint of the celebrity lifestyle at home no matter what your particular circumstances.

Glass lift

When I was in my early twenties I went to a luxury flat on the banks of the River Thames for a New Year’s Eve party. One of the most exciting things for me was going up to the flat in a glass lift. It gave such a stylish way to arrive at the apartment and was a real conversation starter. The best glass lift is also great when you have luggage to get onto a higher floor or for elderly relatives or friends with mobility issues.

Garden furniture

Many of us don’t have any garden furniture or at best might have a rickety old bistro table and chairs. If money is plentiful, I would consider a chaise or daybed from Ove Decors for my own comfort and to impress any guests I might have over for a barbecue.

Swimming pool

It’s a family joke that when my children ask for things that are just impossible, I mention that I would like to have an indoor swimming pool but recognise that this is not a real option currently. When I dream of a luxury home, this is the item that is top of my list. To be able to swim at the drop of a hat seems such an indulgent treat. With self-care from companies like The Toe Bro on everyone’s agenda these days, sign me up for a swimming pool immediately.

Artwork and antiques

I asked a friend what she would add to her home if she was splashing the cash. Her reply was a sensible one as artwork and antiques are valuable investments for the future. You can enjoy their look right now knowing they are likely to maintain or increase their value over time. I remember how my late mum loved Lowry and I would probably indulge in Impressionist paintings for my luxury home.

Wine cellar

As a Francophile and wine-lover, I would like to learn more about wine and to have a cellar. Imagine friends coming over for a dinner party and having vintage wines available in your very own cellar. I dream of the ability to mark special family occasions with a really good bottle of champagne direct from my cellar.

Nobody knows what their financial future might be. Life is very strange with its twist and turns. Instead of expecting the worst, why not imagine the best and do all you can to work towards that. Your luxury home might be closer than you think.

What luxury items would you add to your home?



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