The Evolution of Music: Latest Emerging Artists to Watch in 2021

From chance encounters with veteran stars to viral sensations on social media platforms, new artists always find a way to stardom. If you’re great at something, it’s always just a matter of time before someone recognizes you and kick starts your career. The same goes for the latest emerging artists this year.

It’s almost impossible to look back last year without thinking about the music that kept us going in 2020. This year is set to follow the same course. There’s nothing quite as exhilarating as hearing an unfamiliar voice over the radio or on the TV for the first time, and you immediately know that song was made for you.

Artists to Watch in 2021

Admittedly, 2020 was rife with new music and the discovery of some great new artists. And from the current trend, we shouldn’t expect 2021 to be any different.

We compiled a list of some of the latest artists and amazing prospects you want to be watching out for this year:

1.      Mustafa

Mustafa Ahmed, commonly known as Mustafa, is one of the best prospective artists for 2021. Born in Toronto, Mustafa started gaining recognition when he was just 12 for his spoken word poetry. In the world we live in today, people welcome raw and honest messages that address social injustice, love, community, and mental health. And that’s what Mustafa offers.

Mustafa’s poetry would eventually lead him into songwriting, where he met with big names like Drake, The Weekend, and Camila Cabello.

His artistic debut hit the airwaves in 2020 with “Stay Alive.” This debut brings a somber expression of love and togetherness as the antidote to gang and street violence. His second single, “Air Forces,” has an even deeper message as he softly wonders “why God keeps us alive.” His songs are unique and send a deep message to everyone that hears them.

Both records depict themes of existentialism and mourning. They send a poignant message and plea for peace. Here’s an artist to follow if you’re looking for music that is truly precious but powerful. As such, his debut album, “When Smoke Rises,” is sending his message of love and unity, something we all need in these trying times.

2.      Fana Hues

Near the end of 2020, Fana Hues released her debut collection Hues to take her work to greater heights. Her impressive and visually stunning videos garnered a lot of attention and some great names like Tyler the Creator and Earl Sweatshirt.

Fana Hues’ dynamic voice on singles like “Notice me” and “Icarus” are so impactful that you cannot help but fall in love with her.

Her debut releases brought together singles from different periods of her life. They weren’t intended to compete as concept albums but represent steps in her journey of learning to trust herself. This theme has proved to be captivating in all her vibrant work that Fana Hues is basically set for stardom. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for this amazing new artist.

3.      Blxst

Have you ever had that one artist who, when he/she sings, the street lights come on? Blxst is that new artist who brings the hype back and just makes you forget the stresses of life. His emotive singing is so unique, warm, fuzzy, and insanely addictive.

Blxst first made a splash with his breakout hit “Hurt,” which hit hard. Taking advantage of this moment, he released “No Love Lost.” Both records are so conceptually powerful and speak about diseased relationships and perceptions of success.

Features from artists like Ty Dolla $ign, Dom Kennedy, and Tyga helped catapult him to stardom and establish him next to established veterans. Blxst is an artist who can easily match the stride of some great names. And we expect some great hits from this amazing prospect.

4.      Serena Isioma

Serena Isioma is on a different level when it comes to creativity and just playing around with words. Here’s an artist who can confidently exist in the space between categorizations and product hits, whether it’s R&B, Indie Pop, or Hip-Hop.

Serena Isioma’s self-assured personality and sharp songwriting make her a force to contend with as her content ties music together in every way.

In 2020, she released two phenomenal Eps that took the music industry by storm, showing just how consistent she can be for a new, upcoming artist.

Isioma’s Sensitive EP is an incredible induction of that Chicago native lifestyle many people didn’t get to experience. The title track achieved immense success and helped her expand her audience, allowing her to lay the groundwork for her follow-up EP “The Leo Sun Sets,” which was just as successful.

The follow-up EP is similarly packed with genre-agnostic instrumental choices and potential charisma, shining brilliantly on one of the best vocal performers in 2021.

While it’s still early days, Serena Isioma’s two EPs signify another amazing prospect that’s set for a long-lasting career. We eagerly await new material she will have for us this year.

5.      Q

Q is unique in so many ways for a new artist it almost feels like he’s been in this for decades. His hypnotizing voice flirts with stardom while still managing to sound like your well-kept little secret.

This South Florida native blew the music industry away in 2020 with his EP The Shave Experiment. It’s evolutionary how someone can come up with such amazing sounds.

For Q, making R&B-inspired hits will be as effortless as breathing. He brings out this enveloping and refreshing sound that dives into a diverse range of topics like standout neo-souls. Listen to “Take Me Where Your Heart Is,” and you won’t help but fall in love with this amazing new prospect. It induces that love-at-first-sight feeling everyone has at some point in their lives.

If anything, Q is the artist you want to listen to this year.


There you have it, our list of the latest artists to watch out for in 2021. These are just the top artists we believe will make significant waves this year. The list itself is long. Who knows? Maybe we’re yet to find even more prospects this year that create the perfect music meant for everyone.

Do you think we missed someone you believe should have made our list? Leave a comment below.


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