How To Choose Your Kitchen Worktop
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How to choose your kitchen worktop

When I was a child I remember reading magazines and salivating at the designer kitchens  with fancy kitchen worktops showed in them. They always seemed very expensive and out of the range of ordinary people. My cousin was a kitchen fitter and made a fortune. Our kitchen produced brilliant food as my mum was a cook by trade. She did not particularly care about the look of the kitchen so long as she could cook in it. I still have huge plans to renovate my kitchen when time allows so look at sites like Silestone UK to inspire me. This post is about how to choose your kitchen worktop.

Kitchens  are very much the heart of the home where families come together to eat and to spend quality times together. Memories are built here so why not invest in something that expresses who you are as an individual and as a family.

Kitchen worktop looks

What do you find pleasing to the eye? Have you considered how potential kitchen worktop looks fit in with your cabinets and appliances? Perhaps you want to make a feature of your worktops and go for something that really stands out. You would be well advised to check out London Worktops Direct for some inspiration.

Kitchen worktop choices

There are diverse choices out there for kitchen worktops these days. You can go for solid wood which gives a homely and perhaps slightly farmhouse feel. Oak is popular but shop around as you may want to be that little bit different using a different wood. I like wooden worktops as they are strong and durable. I would probably go for a walnut one if I renovated my kitchen because of the colours in the grain.

Easy to clean kitchen worktops

If you are a busy mum perhaps juggling work, community work and parenting, a kitchen worktop that is easy to clean may be your priority. Laminate may be a good choice for you and is cheaper than wooden alternatives. You could have a wood-look laminate or go for black which tends to look cleaner unless you are a domestic goddess in which case you can go for white. Also you may want to be more funky and the world really is your oyster with the colour choices out there. If you are looking for long-lasting solutions, check out solid laminate.

Be that little bit different

If you are looking for real strength, check out stone and quartz options perhaps from somewhere like Silestone worktops online. It’s really about working out what matters most to you whether that is affordability, strength or qualities such as being waterproof.

What kitchen worktops to you have currently and would you like to change them?

Do you have any tips on how to choose your kitchen worktop to share with my readers?

How To Choose Your Kitchen Worktop



















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  • arosetintedworld

    I REALLY need a new kitchen, mine is about 30 years old I think! But I think I’d go for something that is really durable and doesn’t date. I have always fancied quartz, with a shaker style light cabinetry as my kitchen is quite small. Thank you for outlining some of the options. #TwinklyTuesday

  • anywaytostayathome

    I am planning how we will update our kitchen, I hate ours and it is in desperate need of a refit, I always used to think I would go granite but you can get so many cool work surfaces now I’m not so sure, hmmmm #TwinklyTuesday

  • Mo Benhamou

    Thanks for sharing such a detailed article, as we move on to providing handyman services information you are giving out to us is great and I really look forward to reading more! keep top the great work!

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