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Put Your Front Lawn To Use

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Could you put your front lawn to better use? Here are just several ways to make the most out of this space.

Turn it into a driveway

You could consider turning your front lawn into a space for parking your car. Having off-road parking could keep your car more secure and save you money on your car insurance. To turn your garden into a driveway, you’ll have to lay down a new surface – this could be tarmac, paving or gravel (gravel tends to be the cheapest option). You could also consider lowering the curb (you’ll need to get planning permission for this) as well as removing any fences or walls outside.

Plant some veggies

A front lawn could also be turned into a vegetable patch. This could be an opportunity for growing some of your own produce, saving you money on your grocery bills and helping you to live more organically. It could also be a rewarding hobby. Consider which vegetables you want to grow and whether the soil is suitable before you start planting anything.

Build a pond

You could also consider building a pond in this space. This could help to attract local wildlife such as frogs, newts or dragonflies – or it could be a place for keeping pet fish. Ponds can be very calming and could help to make the front of your home look much prettier. You can build a pond yourself (this could be an exciting project and could save you money) or you can hire a professional to do it to save yourself the time and effort. Make sure to illuminate your pond or cover it with a grill to prevent unknowing guests from falling into it. 

Rent it out

Alternatively, you could find a way of making money from this space by renting it out to others. If parking in your area is limited, you might use these road marking DIY painting tips and consider renting it out to neighbours or even tourists as a parking space. You’ll want to make sure that you make the parking space look professional, so it will want to be concrete or tarmac and ideally have some markings on it. If this is of interest, you can get more information on what to use to mark parking spaces by following the link. Another option could even be to rent your front garden out as an allotment space to a neighbour. There could be people in your neighbourhood that don’t own a garden but want the opportunity to plant their own vegetables and they may be willing to pay you to use the space.

Improve your curb appeal

If your front lawn looks a little shabby, you could alternatively develop it as a way of boosting your curb appeal. On top of making your home more welcoming to guests, having curb appeal could increase the value of your home. There are lots of pretty features that you can add to your front garden to boost its curb appeal. For instance, if you have a flag pole, you could include some solar powered flagpole lighting, or you could add some solar lights around your fencing to help light up your garden at night. You could consider adding a garden path to welcome and guide guests towards the door. You could also consider adding garden seating, colourful plants, and ornaments to brighten up your outdoor space.



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