Foods To Improve Your Gut Health

Not many of us are aware that there are about 40 trillion bacteria present inside the human body and most of them are in the intestines. Known as the gut microbiota, these bacteria are the good bacteria and they are very important for your health. The food that you consume has an impact on the bacteria that is present inside your body and it is important to consume certain foods that improve your gut health.

Choose diverse range of foods that improve your gut health

In order to feed the good bacteria in your body, you need to ensure that you consume the right nutrients. There will be many species of bacteria present in the intestine and a diverse microbiota will be considered to be highly healthy for you. The more species of bacteria present in the body, higher the number of health benefits you will have. You need to consume a diet of different food types so as to give an opportunity for the diverse microbiota to grow. When you eat a diverse diet which is rich in whole foods, it will lead to the build up of diverse microbiota and it will be highly beneficial for your health and body.

Eat fruits, beans, legumes and vegetables

Vegetables and fruits are considered to be an ideal source of nutrients for a healthy microbiota. Since they are high in fiber, you cannot easily digest it in the body but they can be digested by some bacteria in the gut and this stimulates their growth. Legumes as well as beans contain significantly high amount of fiber. There are many high fiber foods you might want to consider. These include broccoli, green peas, raspberries, artichokes, lentils, chickpeas, brands and whole grains. If you consume a diet which is high in vegetables and fruits, you will be able to prevent the growth of disease-causing bacteria in the body. Taking supplements such as Bio Complete 3 works really well hand in hand with eating your fruits, beans, legumes and vegetables, so we recommend doing some research around supplements to give you that extra boost!

Fermented foods

The food that is altered by the presence of microbes are known as fermented foods. This process of fermentation involves yeast or bacteria converting the sugar in food into organic acid. There are many fermented foods including kimchi, yogurt, kefir, tempeh, kombucha and sauerkraut. Majority of these foods are rich in lactobacilli which is a type of bacteria that will benefit your health. Those who consume a lot of yogurt tend to have more lactobacilli inside their body and this means they have less chronic diseases. Yogurt has the ability to modify the intestinal bacteria and can improve the symptoms of lactose intolerance in adults as well as infants. There are some yogurt products available in the market which bring down the disease causing bacteria in people who have an irritable bowel syndrome. Yogurt can significantly enhance the composition as well as the function of microbiota. It is best to consume yogurt in its plain and natural form because flavored yogurts tend to have high levels of sugar.

 Avoid artificial sweeteners

 Many use artificial sweeteners in place of sugar and they tend to have a negative impact on the gut microbiota. An artificial sweetener can help reduce weight but it can increase the blood sugar in your body. According to Dr. Jay Davidson from, some experts say that half the world’s population could have a worm infection in their bodily systems.

Choose prebiotic foods

The foods which promote the growth of beneficial microbes in the gut are known as prebiotic foods. They are basically complex carbs or fiber which cannot be digested by human cells and this is why bacteria breaks them down and uses for fuel. There are a lot of vegetables, fruits and whole grains which contain prebiotics. It promotes the growth of healthy bacteria in your body and it can be highly beneficial to those who have certain diseases. There are specific probiotics which can reduce insulin and cholesterol levels in obese people. It also helps people who have diabetes or a heart disease. You can also find probiotics for bacterial vaginosis.

Eat whole grains

 If you want to promote the growth of healthy bacteria in your body, you need to consume food which has a lot of fiber and carbs that are not easily digestible. Whole grains are carbs which cannot be absorbed in the small intestine and they make their way to the large intestine. They are then broken down in the large intestine by the microbiota which will promote the growth of beneficial bacteria. Whole grains also increase a feeling of fullness and reduce the risk of a heart disease. It helps improve the overall metabolic health.

Plant based diet

 A vegetarian diet will benefit the gut microbiota in more than one manner. It could be due to a higher fiber content. A vegetarian diet can lead to a reduction in the level of disease causing bacteria in obese people. A vegetarian diet can be helpful to obese people and can help in the reduction of weight, cholesterol levels and inflammation. A vegan diet will improve your microbiota and will also give you a healthy lifestyle.

Foods rich in Polyphenols

 Polyphenols are found in plants and it has numerous health benefits including a reduction in blood pressure, cholesterol levels, inflammation and stress. Since they cannot be easily digested by humans, they are digested by the gut bacteria in the colon. Ideal sources of polyphenols include red wine, blueberries, cocoa, almonds, green tea, dark chocolate, onions, broccoli and grape skins.

Gut bacteria is extremely essential for your health and body. A number of studies have shown that a disrupted microbiota can lead to chronic diseases and an ideal way to maintain a healthy microbiota is to always eat vegetables, fruits, whole foods and yogurt. Make healthy eating choices and stay away from artificial sweeteners. You need to keep in mind that everything you put inside your body will have an impact on your health and well being. This is the main reason you need to choose foods like vegetables and fruits which have a beneficial impact on your overall health and wellbeing. If you have a leaky gut, you can try using research peptides.

Can you think of foods to improve your gut health?

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