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Buy The Right Type of Chain as a gift

A very common and easy way to invest in gold is through jewelry. The most preferred jewelry type for men and women is a gold chain. Many people are under the assumption that buying a gold chain is hassle free and simple. This is absolutely incorrect. There are a number of styles and designs available in gold chains and it could be challenging to choose one for yourself or for someone else. Choosing a gold chain, whether that be choosing from mens gold chains or womens gold chains, can be a tricky task. Whether you want to wear it with a stylish pendant or wear it as a basic chain, here are some tips to help you buy the right type of chain in gold.

Identify what you want – buy the right type of chain

There are many styles of chains that are ideal for different personalities and for different people. There are some which have masculine look while many others have a feminine design and feel. Some chains can be worn on a daily basis while there are many which are suitable for occasion wear. If you know the purpose behind buying a chain, you will be able to pick the right chain. Consider the different types of chains available in the market today.Ball chain : The chain has numerous round beads made of metal which are either linked close to one other with minor space between them or they are spaced at some distance. These chains are highly popular with dog tags specially for men. The thickness of this chain varies and you can choose between 1 mm to 2 mm of thickness. Box chain : The gold chain has box links which are worn as a necklace for a pendant as well as on the wrist with a watch. This chain is easier to repair as compared to any other type of chains. When a box chain breaks, its broken links can be easily replaced or the links can be reattached using the other remaining links. They are highly popular in women and could range anywhere between 0.5 mm to about 1.5 mm in size. Cable chain : The simplest of all gold chain types, cable chain is a smaller version of a simple iron chain. It is elegant and very simple. It has interlocked ovals and is very popular for men as well as women. It has different thickness which suits all styles and occasions. Figaro chain : This is also a gender neutral chain which is slightly fancier as compared to other cable chains. It is made of alternating pattern made of the flattened links that vary in size and this pattern is about two or three shorter links which is then followed by a longer link. The chain is widely used for bracelets and necklaces. Mariner chain : A mariner chain is made of interlocked ovals which is equipped with a bar which passes through the center of every oval. The chain comes in different widths and has thicker sizes which is popular among men. Rope chain : A typical supporting chain which looks like a real rope and is worn with pendant which remains its main focal point. Snake chain : A snake chain is made of minor rings which are either bands or plates and they are closely knit to one another in order to create a tube like look and feel. It is a highly flexible and delicate chain which could go well with a pendant. Wheat chain : Wheat chain is formed through the delicate strands oval links which are elegantly twisted. It looks like a soft gold braid and is highly popular amongst women for occasion wear. It gives a stylish appearance and can be worn with a trendy pendant.

Know the strength of the chain

If you are buying the chain for daily wear, you need to consider the strength of the chain. The strongest chains are the ones that are made out of links like cable. You also need to ensure that the chain does not tangle if you want to wear it daily. David Chapman from FrostNYC explains that Franco chains are known for never getting tangled. This is because they are thicker and have flexibility as well. You need to ensure that the links in the chain are soldered individually and this will only be applicable to high quality material. Jewelry made from sub standard material might deteriorate over a period of time no matter the type or design you choose.

 Identify the material

There are various types of material which are used to make a gold chain. The different types include solid gold, followed by gold filled and gold plated. Solid gold is the top quality material for your chain but it does not state that it is made out of 100% gold. It does not mean that the chain is 24 karats. The karats in a chain will define the amount of gold present and the amount of alloy present. A 24 karat chain has pure gold and no alloy. But there could be 10k, 14k, 18k and 22k gold chains. This means the chain is a combination of strength and beauty. When you choose a chain with high gold karat, it will result in a low quality chain. It is ideal to opt for a 14K chain because it will be strong and valuable. Another material is gold filled. This is made by bonding different sheets of gold on base metal which is usually silver and this gold is slightly less valuable as compared to a solid gold chain. The third type of material is gold plated which is done by submerging the alloys into gold in order to create a coating. It is less expensive but not long lasting. It will need a lot of care to ensure it remains the same for a long time to come. It is advisable to go for a strong and durable chain because it will also last longer and will not lose its value. You will also be able to find a higher resale value of the chain as compared to a gold plated or a gold filled chain.

Choose the right length as you buy the right type of chain

When it comes to chains for men or women, the size matters. One does not want a chain where you get choked to death because it is short. Nor do you want to deal with the tangles of the chain because it is too long. A chain should range between 14 to 22 inches. If you plan to wear a chain when you sleep, you need to be very comfortable in it and shorter chains can do the job for you. Long chains are ideal for outdoor wear or for parties but the length should always be appropriate in terms of your body and height. They get in the way more than a short chain would hence keep them for use only when you are heading out. For daily wear, opt for a comfortable short chain. Most importantly, you need to understand your style and personality when you choose a chain. For those who like to keep it elegant and classy, you can go for a thin and delicate chain. Pick something simple and attach an elegant pendant to go with it. It will help create a minimalist and casual look. If you are an outgoing personality, you can opt for an eye catching larger chain and pull it off well. You will have to ensure that the chain blends well with the attire and is ideal for the occasion. Take a look at different alternatives, try a couple of chains and compare the material before you finally make your purchase.

Did you know how to buy the right type of chain before reading this post?

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