Trendy Sneakers to Rock This Spring

Ode to sneakers! From being purely meant for athletes and sports fanatics to being the solution to almost all outfit qualms. While boots, sandal and heels are a must-have on the shoe rack, sneakers give them a run for space. They are comfy, adorable and never seem to go out of fashion.

For the spring season, sneakers are the perfect option. They are trendy; the kind you can wear all week, with different outfits. Whether with a floral dress or cute wide-leg pants or skinny jeans, sneakers are it for the season. Below are four trendy sneaker options to rock this spring.

High Tops

While low cuts are more popular so far, sometimes high tops are way better. You cannot deny the energy and style that high rollers give. They are a perfect way of supplementing an outfit with a kick of cool. You can wear them with dresses and skirts. Especially floral dresses and those that pop with colour. For the lovely season of spring get a pair of Italian made high tops, like the ones from Giuseppe Zanotti, you can find them online in stores such as YOOX.

Athletic Sneakers

Gone are the days when a non-athlete wearing athlete sneakers was weird and unfashionable. Once people realised how comfortable they are, they became a shoe rack must-have. Wear them casually or use them for that morning run or session at the gym. Currently, technology plays a huge role in the making of athletic sneakers. They are sleek, give a smooth stride and are futuristic. Wear them with jeans, joggers, shorts and other fitting outfits.

Retro Style Sneakers

Retro style sneakers are a fashion trend that never quits. From basketball footwear, back in the 80s to the Chunky sneakers of the 90s and gum sole shoes of later years, ensure that sneaker lovers keep up with trends while still having a feel of the past. Give that back-to-the-future vibe with the throwback sportswear. Use them to get that preppy, streetwear look. Tailored trousers work best with retro style sneakers.

Fuzzy Sneakers

Comfortability is a concern for everyone during spring. Thanks to fuzzy sneakers, you get the feeling of wearing slippers outside the house. The sneakers feature comfy shearling details and woolly insoles that feel smooth against the feet. They are a great cure for those with cold feet who crave warmth in the outsides. Jump on the trend and get yourself these marvellous slipper shoes.

Sneakers are here to stay and will remain a trend. Canvas sneakers, like Converse, will never go out of style. This spring will not be different. They will continue being more popular and trendy. They give a classic vibe, are versatile, and are excellent for a low-key look. Get yourself a pair.

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