Short-term disability and getting the help you need

Short-term disability is the term we use for those sort of accidents, illnesses or conditions that take you away from work for a short period of time. Short-term disabilities bring upset and stress. One of the things you don’t want to be worrying about at this time is money. You will need an income to make ends meet and for travel costs for medical treatment. You may also have a family to maintain.

Disability benefits

Some employers offer short-term disability benefits to their staff under a group benefits policy. If such benefits are paid, that relieves a lot of stress for the person affected by the disability and their loved ones. Usually the income replacement comes quickly which is one big worry less at a challenging time.

Short-term disability lawyers

Of course, as in all areas of life, there will sometimes be a dispute or conflict concerned with a short-term disability. Perhaps you think you should get the equivalent of your full wage but your employer says they only owe you a percentage. They may say you need to provide medical evidence that you find it difficult to acquire. These are the sort of scenarios when it is a great idea to consult short-term disability lawyers

Reasons claims are denied

Employers and their insurers might come up with a variety of reasons for not paying out relevant short-term disability benefits. These might include saying that your medical issue is just not serious enough or that you have not followed an advised course of treatment. They may say the condition you are claiming for was a pre-existing condition or they may say you did not fill in the application paperwork properly.


Short-term disabilities can be so stressful and you may be in physical pain and emotional torment. You may not be thinking particularly clearly at this time. Hence, why seeking an expert like a lawyer may be just what you need.



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