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Caught Amidst the Holiday Festivities: Knowing These 4 Things Will Help You Stay Sober During the Holidays

The holidays are right around the corner, and with that means getting invited to various parties and dinners with family and friends. Such events often serve alcohol to the guest, and this can be very difficult for those that struggle with alcohol addiction. Fortunately, there are a few things one can practice to help them stay sober over the holidays.

Stay Connected With Those That Support Your Recovery

Having a friend with you at gatherings and parties for support is a great way to stay on the right path when it comes to your recovery. Holiday events include a lot of drinking, eating, and socializing, and this can be very tempting for the person that is trying to stay sober. Having someone there to look out for you is very helpful because that person can get you out of a stressful situation. Having a friend there for support will help them get through the night while having fun in the process.

Make a List of Holiday Fun That Does Not Include Alcohol

People get so wrapped up in eating and drinking over the holidays that they forget about other activities and traditions they can be involved in. For instance, one of the many options from Harris House (a treatment center for drugs and alcohol) mentions that people should focus on other activities the holidays offer. For example, around Christmas, recovering addicts can immerse themselves with decorating, baking, snow activities, soup kitchens, helping others, watching festive movies or shows, and so much more. This will allow the person to get into the spirit of the holiday, as well as doing something positive with their time.

Holiday Obligations

For the recovering addict, it is important to put themselves first, and that means not attending certain functions or events. For example, if the holiday office party is a trigger to drink, then maybe the individual should not attend it? Too often, people put themselves in situations that may not be good for them. Try telling your boss or family member why you may be skipping the party or dinner this year. More often than not, they will understand and will support your decision to do so.

Take Time For Yourself

There is nothing more important than your mental and physical health. The holidays can bring up a lot of different feelings for a person, and those feelings can trigger them to want to drink again. To avoid that, take some time for yourself to enjoy the things that bring you happiness and health. For example, working out, meditation, getting extra sleep, and cooking healthy meals are only a few of the various things one can do to take care of themselves.

Sobriety is very important to the individual that it affects, and family and friends should work hard to ensure that person stays sober because the holidays are one of the worst times for addicts to get through it alone. Holidays are a time for family members to get together, to share, and to celebrate their love and bond for one another. Because of that, friends and family should support one another to ensure their loved one does not make bad decisions that will affect their sobriety. The holidays mean so much more than just drinking and eating at gatherings with family and friends.

Stay Sober


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