Why Food Gets Stuck In Our Teeth (And How To Prevent It)

Getting food stuck in your teeth is both annoying and embarrassing in specific situations. It’s not always your fault, because the way your teeth are shaped, aligned and their health, affects how often you get food stuck in your teeth. However, other times, it is our fault. We eat too many foods that are more likely to get stuck in our teeth and it’s because they are usually high-carb and when mixed with saliva, they become sticky. The sugars and salts in certain foods, mixed with our saliva, become hard and yet adhesive. They can cut, scrape and damage our mouth and teeth if we eat too many of such foods.


Food trap

Our teeth are basically a food trap. They have little crevices and hills that prevent food from slipping off them. If you have damaged enamel, which acts as a lubricating barrier to food, your teeth become dry. Dry teeth will create more friction and this can also prevent food from sliding off the surface and making bits of food debris easier to swallow. 



Foods that cause the most problem

You can probably guess what types of food will cause an issue. Here are some of them and why they are such a nuisance.

  • Potato chips. Basically, you’re eating pure carbs, with a bit of salt and flavoring. The saturated fat and sugar in chips, creating a sticky product when you mix it with saliva. Left in your teeth, the bits of chips can cut the inside of your mouth causing discomfort and your teeth can slowly erode.
  • Nuts. Although nuts are a healthy snack they are perhaps the worst for getting stuck in our teeth. They break down into smaller pieces and they fit right into the crevices of our molders.
  • Fruit and vegetables. It’s healthy to eat fruits and vegetables but when the sugar they are made of mixes with our saliva, they create a sticky mush in our mouths. They can get trapped between gaps in teeth and if left there, can begin to erode our gums and rot our teeth.

Crooked teeth and gaps

Crooked teeth are going to leave gaps in your gums where food can get stuck and begin to rot. This is why you should consider clear braces as it’s the fastest way to get straight teeth and prevent food trapping. The mold is mailed to your home and you simply need to bite down on it and send it back. The clear braces will then be made using a 3D laser printer so they are exactly perfect in terms of your teeth dimensions and gum level. You only need to wear them for 6 months and by then your teeth should be far more aligned.

Some mouths are more likely to trap food than others. Crooked teeth will be at greater risk of trapping food and harming enamel and gums. If you find food is always getting lodged in your teeth, aligning them could stop this from happening in the future.


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