Car Servicing & Brakes Maintenance

You neglect the benefits of car servicing at your peril. My dad always insisted on regular services and his cars always served him well for many years. Unlike an MOT you are not legally obliged to have a service so in challenging financial times, it can be tempting to skip regular services.. Do not cut corners and for brakes replacement in Basildon, visit Jet Wheel Tyre for a quotation.

How often should I have a service?

My Dad had services every 6 months. Others suggest once a year or every 10 000 miles is about right. In a busy world, ensure you diarise and plan for regular services. This should mean your car makes the best use of the fuel you put in it and your risk of breakdown is less. Should you decide to sell your car, potential buyers will be reassured by evidence of regular servicing.

Is an MOT as good as a service?

It is vital to note that although an MOT is compulsory, it is only a very basic check on your car. Services are essential too as they look at wear and tear on the vehicle, ensure your fluids are at the correct levels and show what repairs are needed for your car to perform at its best.

Is it worth the money to get your car serviced?

I would argue that not getting your car serviced is false economy. Services point out things that need sorting out and usually repairs are cheaper the earlier a problem presents itself. Problems with one part of the car can lead to problems with other parts of the car if left unrepaired leading to huge repair costs and perhaps when you can least afford them. Remember that cars that are well-maintained use fuel more efficiently too.

You don’t want to breakdown

A car breaking down is always stressful. You may need to be somewhere on a certain date or at a specific time. Breakdowns mean these appointments are missed with potentially devastating results. If you have your family members with you particularly children and elderly relatives a car breakdown is a nightmare. It’s not fun being stuck at the side of the road.

Responsible car ownership includes brakes maintenance

If you have stamps in your log book, this is great evidence that you are a responsible car owner. This is what you should be aiming for anyway as a unserviced car is a potential killer. Also, when you sell your car a potential buyer will pay more for a vehicle that is properly maintained, Do remember that your car’s braking system is arguably the most important safety item. This means you should never neglect your brakes and potential owners will want to see evidence that you have looked after your brakes as well as other aspects of the car.

How often do you get your car serviced?









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  • leannelc

    I’m a great believer in regular car servicing – better safe than sorry. I also like that I can write “full service history” on any for sale ad for my car – and know I’m not passing on a lemon.

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