Tips To Save Money On Your Online Shopping
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How to save money on your online shopping

In an increasingly busy world, so many of us are turning to the convenience of online shopping. I wanted to let you know about the Boom25 cashback site and tips to save money on your online shopping.

I will be honest and confess that sometimes I do grocery shopping online as it means the children might be in bed so pester power is less than if they come shopping with me. I can do online shopping at a time that is convenient to me and check out bargains and offers more easily. There is also the time to reflect when something appeals rather than just making an impulse purchase at the supermarket.

Tips to save money on your online shopping

Of course it is not just about the supermarket. Online purchases include booking holidays and flights for example and then there are the delights of Ebay. Although I was late to wake up to environmental matters, one thing I always did was buy second-hand goods. It saves money and you find  such interesting items too and I do love the quirky.


People have mentioned cashback sites to me before but I did not look into them properly. I recently heard about registering on Boom25 Cashback Site which costs nothing – but there is a chance to win your order for free. Obviously if you use a site regularly, it’s worth putting it through here, because – as opposed to the pennies you get with other cashback sites – you can win your entire single shop back here.  Times are tight for so many of us so this is well worth looking into.


How does Boom25 work?

It’s really easy to get registered. You can set up your account by entering your name, email address and chosen password. Then, you’ll be able to access your personalised dashboard, where you’ll see all of your shopping activity, details of your winnings and any bonuses. Once a purchase is approved it’s entered into a draw and you just might be the lucky winner. There are currently 886 shops to choose from with well-known brands  like Tesco, Asda, Expedia, Europcar, Legoland and Argos.  The largest cashback was apparently over £4000! You can also refer an unlimited amount of friends and win £3 on each of their first approved purchases above £10. There are also special, hot deals available from the different shops.

In 2019, I will be spending more time doing online shopping. We find all too often we are dashing out to the shops on a daily basis which takes up way too much time. I have recently purchased a big freezer and have started doing weekly large grocery shops and actually finally getting round to meal-planning. It really does save money and makes me feel far less overwhelmed about feeding the family healthy and tasty meals.

I am really hoping to book some holidays overseas next year too as I made that commitment to myself following my recent milestone birthday. Plus I had a whole list of fantasy gifts I would have liked that I know I can buy if I spread out the expenditure over the year.

If I have a chance of getting some of those items for free, what can I say except Boom 25?

Do you have any tips on how to save money on your online shopping?




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