How To Optimise Your Home For Mental Health Benefits

Your busy schedule may sometimes increase your stress levels, sometimes leading to anxiety, depression and other mental disorders. Thankfully, you can reduce your stress levels by working out, spending time with friends or attending therapy. However, you can also help your mental health and overall wellness by arranging your home. According to Psychologist Shilagh Mirgain, your physical environment could affect your mental health either negatively or positively.  Are you wondering how to improve your living space for optimum wellness? Here are a few ways you can consider. 

  • Let the sunlight in 

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According to Clinical Social Worker Tracy Nathanson, increased exposure to sunlight increases your Vitamin D levels and helps you regulate your sleep with your melatonin levels. What’s more, it boosts your brain’s serotonin production, leading to improved mood and relaxation. However, little exposure to sunlight could result in depression, insomnia and other health issues. Therefore, it’s vital to incorporate daylight into your home to improve your mental health at all times. 

Fortunately, you can do this without incurring substantial costs. Consequently, include mirrors and other shiny objects at vantage points to bounce the sunlight across your home. By all means, paint your home with white, light grey or light tan to reflect the light and make your space appear more extensive and spacious than it is. You can also install more oversized windows and doors and ditch the heavy drapes for more lightweight and airy types. Skylight and solar tubes are also excellent ways to maximise sunlight, so keep this in mind. 

  • Incorporate plants into your home design 

Plants offer a wide range of benefits, making them an integral part of a fully optimised home. A 2015 study revealed that being closer to and looking at plants could help you feel calmer and reduce your stress levels. Moreover, they purify your indoor air by absorbing toxins like formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene and indoor dust. Furthermore, they improve your mood, reduce fatigue and enhance your focus and productivity. Therefore, you’d want to get some house plants if you haven’t already. 

Suppose you aren’t gifted at nurturing plants but wish to enjoy their benefits. In that case, you can go for low-maintenance options with equally attractive benefits. For instance, the bird’s nest fern can grow in medium to bright indirect light and only requires watering every two weeks. Other plants that need watering every two weeks include the parlour palm, philodendron, majesty palm, pothos, and snake plant. 

  • Remove clutter from your home 

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Are you seeking immediate transformation in your home? Then you have to tackle the clutter. Research shows that clutter can affect your sleep and focus while increasing your anxiety levels. It can also affect your productivity by introducing coping and avoidance strategies like binge-watching TV or snacking on junk food. Therefore, it’s prudent to reorganise your home to determine what you need or otherwise. 

Although this might seem arduous, you can achieve it with an organised plan. Consequently, sort out your things, and put stuff back in their designated storage. You can also get a chest of drawers to improve storage and maximise space. Furthermore, donate the good things you don’t need, and throw away the bad stuff to prevent hoarding. 

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