Easy Ideas To Improve Your Garden Space



Improving your garden is a fantastic way to extend your living space. Our gardens are incredibly versatile spaces, whether it’s entertaining friends or growing vegetables with the kids. For some easy ideas to make the most of your garden space, take a look at these.

1 . A wild garden

Looking for a low-maintenance way to improve your garden space? Then why not let your garden grow a little wild? A few years ago neat gardens were in fashion, these days we’re letting the grass grow a little longer! Plant lots of wildflowers, and trailing plants that climb your garden walls.

If you’re a bit of a lazy gardener you’ll love the permaculture gardening approach. Permaculture gardening means that you add a few seeds and plants, and then let mother nature do its work. Let the natural world take care of everything, from pest control to watering your plants.

  1. Re-paint your fences

One of the easiest ways to improve your garden space is to give your fences a lick of paint. Looking to make a statement? Why not choose a bright color? Alternatively, you might choose two colors and create stripped fence panels? In 2022 we’re seeing plenty of eccentric combinations from pink and green to lilac-blue. There are plenty of ways to improve your garden.

  1. Add a vegetable patch

If you have a lovely outdoor space you’ll want to make the most of it.  A great way to utilize your garden is by creating a vegetable patch. It’s best to avoid chemical fertilizers and go for a natural solution. To help you learn the ropes try listening to use few gardening podcasts:

Row By Row Gardening Show: Join Travis and Greg to get plenty of tips and tricks about gardening. If you’re keen to learn about plant varieties and gardening trends this is the show for you.

Gardener Tip Of The Week: Keen to learn a few organic gardening tips? Here you’ll get lots of advice to help your garden thrive. If you’ve got a passion for gardening, you’ve certainly come to the right place.

  1. Upgrade your garden furniture

It’s about time that you treated yourself to some new garden furniture! There are many styles to choose from in 2022. Wooden garden furniture offers great protection against the elements, yet you might be looking for something a little more contemporary? Soft garden sofas are all the rage this year, look out for materials such as hemp or organic cotton, to keep things eco-friendly.

  1. Shape your lawn 

If you’d like to give your garden a neat and contemporary look why not try a shaped lawn? Shaping your lawn is a great way to add depth, and separate your garden into different sections. The best thing to do is to hire a landscape gardener, they’ll be able to help you create the perfect design.

Improving your home is an amazing way to add value, and boost your curb appeal. When you come to sell your home buyers will be looking for an attractive exterior and garden. To learn more about selling your property take a look at Compass real estate.


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