Ways To Improve Your Garden
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Ways to improve your garden this year

If you’re thinking of enhancing your garden but you’re not sure where to make a start, do not worry, we have some great ways for your to improve your garden.

One of the best ways that you can make a start on improving your garden is to start with the easiest improvements first. Once you’ve tackled the easier aspects you may feel much more motivated to tackle the longer-term improvements.

Top Dress your Plants

It’s easy for plants and the soil that they’re in to become full of weeds. Top dressing your plants will make your garden look a lot tidier. Remove the first 5 centimetres of soil from any established plant or pot. This will help to remove weeds and any dead leaves too, giving your garden a tidier finish. Replace the soil with some decorative mulch which will allow water to run through it or some compost. Now water the plant unless it’s completely saturated and pull out any further signs of weeds.

Fill in the Cracks in your Patio

Patios can start to look a little old and dated once cracks start to appear. Rather than paying someone to replace your patio why not fill in the cracks? Use a patio weeding tool or a pair of old secateurs and remove any weeds and moss from between the cracks. This will make the patio look better almost instantly. Now add a mixture of 1 part cement and 3 parts sharp sand. Add some water to moisten the mix and then push it into those cracks using a pointing trowel. Once the cracks are full use an old piece of hosepipe or a trowel to smooth it down.

While it may be obvious where you’ve filled the cracks in, after a while, the colour of the mixture will change and you won’t notice it so much. My husband says this is possibly his favourite out of my ways to improve your garden area.

Add Some Composite Decking

Composite decking is very versatile, it comes in a variety of colours and it’s very easy to look after. Adding a small or large deck area to your garden can breathe a bit of life into it. It will also give you somewhere to sit out during the warm summer months which is nothing short of enjoyable. Composite decking can also add a touch of colour to your garden or complement the colours that are already there. What’s more is you can add a bit of garden furniture, a bird table and a few pots too if you wish, giving you an even better chance to enjoy your garden whenever you wish. This is one of my favourite ways to improve your garden area.

Improve Your Garden

Give your Lawn a New Edge

During the summer months lawns can grow almost exponentially, and during the winter months, they can look quite tired. Here is where you can make a real difference to your garden without doing too much work. Cut into your lawn’s edges so you can see where it finishes and your borders begin. Run a hose or a line of string along the edges of your lawn so you can clearly see where the edge needs to be. Now use a lawn edger or a spade and make cuts in your lawn. Once you’ve made the required cuts use a fork to move the soil away from the edge of the lawn. Not only will this make your garden look so much tidier but it will also make trimming the edges of your lawn so much easier.

Give your Pots a Clean

Pots can become dirty after a while, and they may not look as good as they once did. The good news is there’s a quick and easy solution to this. Clean your pots using a bit of detergent and some warm water. Take a scrubbing brush and clean the pots on your patio, your decking, and around your garden. Trust me, they will look so much better for it.

Give your Plants a Lift

Crown lifting is a procedure that involves removing some of the lower branches from shrubs and trees. This procedure can make all of your plants look so much better, in addition to ensuring that air circulates a little better too. You’ll also find that there’s more room for you to add plants underneath if you wish. Cut away branches that are touching the soil or seem to be ruining the plant’s shape. Remove the branches completely using a sharp cutting tool and cut right back to the stem or trunk.

Get Rid of Old Plants

If you have some old and somewhat tired plants in your garden you may want to think about getting rid of them. Dig these plants up and get rid of them, throw them on the compost heap so you can use their nutrients another time. As soon as you have gotten rid of those tired, old plants your garden will start to look fresher.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money improving your garden. A little bit of work here and there can make all the difference. Think about those changes you can make to your garden today so new life is breathed into it once more.

Can you suggest ways to improve your garden to my readers?

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