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My dream home and the way it looks

They say home is where the heart is so I am going to share my dream home requirements with you. Obviously the main thing is to have a loving family within it but after that, what would make my home particularly special?

Dream Home

I have had plenty of time to consider this as I have moved so many times over the years. My Mum used to persuade my Dad to move a lot partly for practical reasons like caring for elderly relatives or me being closer to school. However, I think she was always looking for her dream home too.

My dream home

So I had lived in several houses by the age of 18 when I moved away to university where I changed accommodation every year. Jobs have taken me to various parts of the UK sometimes lodging with others and then eventually getting my own places with partners or on my own. I have lived in just about every type of house you could envisage including those in cities, market towns and out in the countryside. So I am confident in revealing what my dream home looks like and in fact put this into place when choosing my current place.


I like lots of light in the home and actually feel I need it for my mental wellbeing. The darkest room in any home is always my least favourite. I have always fancied French windows but now I love aluminium bifold doors which really do bring the outside in.


I can see the advantages of living in cities, towns and the countryside. However, I think my dream home would be in the peaceful countryside but within walking distance of village amenities and a short drive to city highlights. Ideally, it won’t be too far from the sea either.


We are a loving family but we all like our own space and particularly now the children are older. My dream home includes rooms that we can all retreat to for quiet and to pursue out own interests. I also want those rooms to be at a reasonable distance from each other almost so we can all pretend we have our own bedsit when the mood takes us. I also want a spacious kitchen  that is big enough to take a huge pine table where family memories can be created.


I do like gardens but hate gardening so my dream home would either be easy to maintain or have a gardener as part of the deal. I think the perfect deal is where you end up with a small garden overlooking great natural views like fields, forests or the sea.


I would pay a lot of money to have a bathroom of my own. It is one of those things you don’t even think about until you start living with other people and start to wonder what is so complicated about flushing the loo or wiping  surfaces down after use. So my dream home would include a bathroom of my own with one of those lovely retro roll-top baths.

I am lucky to already have some aspects of my dream home already but a girl can dream and one day I will have a swimming pool in  my basement too.

What would you put in your dream home?



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