How to Become a Successful Blogger in 2020

Do you want 2020 to be the year you finally take the plunge and become a successful blogger? If you want to realize your dreams and reach your full potential in this instance, it’s essential that you dedicate yourself to the blogging craft.

This isn’t going to be an easy endeavor, there’s no denying that, but it’ll all be worth it when you’re pulling in thousands of readers on a daily basis.

To find out what you must do to become a successful blogger this year, be sure to read on.

Hone your writing skills

Of course, you’re going to need excellent writing skills if you’re to succeed as a blogger. Your readership will depend massively on how well-written your blog posts are, which is why you must seek to hone this skill at all costs.

To hone your skills as a writer, you should:

  • Write every day without fail
  • Before you put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard), create an outline of what it is you want to write
  • Read up on the subjects that you want to write about and study posts uploaded by bloggers that you aspire to write like
  • Keep it simple when picking words (don’t write like you’ve swallowed a thesaurus)
  • Get straight to the point when conveying your message
  • Avoid using adverbs, filler words, and passive phrases
  • Make use of an editing tool such as Grammarly
  • Stop making excuses — sit down and write

Manage your online reputation

No matter how good of a writer you are or how engaging your content may be, nobody is going to give it (or your blogging platform as a whole) the time of day if your personal online reputation isn’t up to par. If your audience members come across negative content when they type your name into Google, they’re not going to feel inclined to read your blog posts. It is absolutely essential, then, that you take some time to manage your online rep before you go ahead and bring your blog to life.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to scrawl through your social media timelines in a bid to delete a photo you uploaded way back in 2010. There are plenty of online reputation management services for individuals out there on the market, most of which provide highly effective brand repair assistance for regular people just like yourself.

Create great content

Great content is what is going to set you apart from the crowd in your market. To ensure that your content is intuitive enough to engage your target audience, you should:

  • Always create original content
  • Come up with strong headlines
  • Ensure that your content is actionable
  • Provide answers in your content
  • Be accurate when quoting, reporting, and sourcing external information
  • Create content that provokes thought and stimulates conversation
  • Vary your content by uploading images, videos, and even infographics

If you want to take your career as a professional blogger to a whole other level in 2020, it’s essential that you put all of the advice laid out above into practice.


How To Succeed As A Blogger

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