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Let there be light – the work of Paula Arntzen and Studio Arntzen

If I had to come up with one absolute must-have in any home it would be light. Of course as we also like our homes to be stylish that includes investing  in interesting and effective lighting.


I wanted to introduce you to the work of Lighting Designer Paula Arntzen from Studio Arntzen. She specialises in concept development, lighting and spatial design. Herr projects are dynamic right from the initial concept through to final production. Clients include individuals businesses, design labels and events.

Besides her lighting design interest Paula has a strong fascination for furniture design. Innovatively she mixes her craft skills with design, and a delicate use of technology, as communicative components of wonder.

I love how Paula pushes the boundaries of design based on stylistic research. Through experimentation with materials and techniques she creates experiences with their own distinctive theatrical identity.


I remember that both my mum and my uncle loved dramatic lighting. There was an infamous occasion back in the Eighties when my Uncle was feeling happy. He went out and bought a £400 lamp and then bored with it within a week and gave it to my very appreciative mum. That set her off and she would regularly go to design light shop to ring the changes on the lighting  front. She always had a real sense of style and was fashionably turned out even in old age and could make her home shine like a show home at the Ideal Home Exhibition. Sadly I did not inherit her skills unlike my brother who went on to a merchandising career with fashion brand Monsoon. Perhaps it skipped a generation a bit as my daughter is a brilliant artist with a real eye for shape and colour.


Here are a few tips of what to consider before making your next lighting purchase.


Can you remember the last time you changed up your fashion style. Perhaps you tried a different brand or went into a shop that you thought was only for younger people. Did you wear a skirt where usually you live in leggings? Did a friend or family member encourage you to break out of a fashion rut. I bet it felt a bit scary but also liberating and exhilarating.

It’s the same with lighting choices. Be brave. Make a statement. Express who you are in your home. Think big literally and metaphorically.


Look at your current lighting? Are you still living like a student with bare light bulbs or cheap paper lampshades? Are your colour choices of the bland variety. It does not need to be that way so if  you have a favourite colour why not incorporate it into your lighting choices?


It is easy to just have lighting over our heads but perhaps a bit boring. I actually miss the old days of the standard lamp giving a more cosy and subtle atmosphere in the living room. Have you considered lighting at different levels in a room? Could you make a feature of an art work will clever lighting choices?

I guess what I am saying is light is lovely and makes us feel better. Injecting some personal taste and individuality in our lighting choices rather than going for same old, same old can also give us some joie de vivre.





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  • Sim @ Manchester Mummy

    I love walking through lighting departments in shops, all the designs amaze me – I wish I could have a hanging chandelier hanging above the stairs… maybe it’s something to work on 🙂 Sim xx #PoCoLo

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