find a job doing what you love

Find A Job Doing What You Love

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You shouldn’t have to work a job that you find unrewarding. While there will always be some duties that are undesirable, the bulk of your job should be something that brings you joy. A job you enjoy will improve your overall satisfaction with life – you won’t be as stressed or as bored and you’ll be able to enjoy your free time without dreading your next shift.

But just how do you find a job you enjoy? While some people are able to easily identify a passion, others find it hard to settle on a job that satisfies them. It’s possible that you may have even pursued a dream job only to find that it’s not right for you. All in all, it comes down to a few different factors. This post offers a few tips for finding a job you love. 

Follow your hobbies and interests

A great way to find a job that you love is to follow your hobbies and interests. Love pilates? It could be time to take your pilates instructor course test now. Love live music? A job at a music venue could or a job within music promotion could be perfect. Love dogs and photography? It may be possible to combine both passions by pursuing the niche role of dog photographer. There’s a job out there for every hobby and interest.

Use your skill set

Tasks that we are good at tend to be more enjoyable. Consider what your skills are and what types of jobs play to these skills. For example, if you’re skilled at writing, it could be worth looking into writing-focused jobs. It may even be possible to combine your skills with hobbies and interests. For example, if you love travel and are good at writing, you could consider becoming a travel writer. 

Match your personality

Some types of jobs are better suited to certain personalities. Introverts are more likely to thrive in jobs that require a lot of solo work, while extroverts may prefer jobs where they are constantly interacting with people. Similarly, some people may prefer technical jobs, while others may prefer creative jobs. Consider doing a personality test to find out which roles are a good match for your personality. 

Find a job that aligns with your ethics

It’s important that a job aligns with your morals. If you’re constantly being asked to do tasks that you don’t personally believe in, you’re likely to get demotivated and frustrated. Think about what personal beliefs are most important to you. If you care deeply about the environment, it could be important to find a company that has environmentally-friendly practices. If you are against animal cruelty, it could be essential to work with a company that does not carry out animal testing. 

Create your own job

Can’t find the perfect job for you? There may still be the option to make your own job. This could include starting your own business to cater to a specific niche. The internet has made it possible to cater to all kinds of niches by accessing a global audience – so long as there is a demand out there, you can form a successful business. Alternatively, you may be able to work for a company and carve out your own role. Instead of applying solely to advertised vacancies, try approaching companies that are not advertising and pitch the role that you are looking for – in some cases, you may get lucky. 


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