Kitchens in a pandemic

The kitchen as the heart of the home is not a new concept. I have so many cherished memories of my childhood and teenage years eating my mother’s amazing food, laughing and putting the world to rights. As a young adult I would share my secrets in student digs and shared houses. When I became a parent myself, I did my utmost to replicate great memories and to create new traditions as a new family unit too. As we deal with a global pandemic and lockdowns our kitchens are becoming even more vital for our families.

  • They remind us that we are lucky to have a home, loved ones and access to food.
  • We can express our personal taste and style with funky vinyl flooring or amazing work surfaces.
  • Kitchens are places to come together for quality time together telling stories and laughing.
  • If we are struggling with illness, they are places where wholesome food can be prepared.
  • When bereaved, they are a warm place to share happy memories of our loved ones
  • If we make space, our teenagers may come out of their bedrooms to game downstairs especially if there are tempting treats available.
  • Many a video call is taking place from the kitchen table as we adapt to home-working.
  • With incomes under threat, businesses will be born at kitchen tables
  • Our children are gathering to be educated from home more than ever before
  • We can make time for our partners with a candlelit dinner in our very own kitchen.

Now is the time to come together in our kitchens and hold each other close. This helps us feel less anxious and isolated. Food preparation is a useful distraction and an act of mindfulness. Our moments in kitchens will get us through the challenges ahead.

Is the kitchen the heart of your home?

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