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Outdoor lighting tips to protect your home this winter

Like it or not, there can be no doubting that we’re now firmly into the colder and wetter months of the year. Indeed, you might well already be returning to your home after work each evening in darkness, which raises another question: are you doing enough to adequately protect your home from the threat of intrusion and burglary?

For more than three quarters (79%) of us, according to research cited by House Beautiful, the answer to that question is “no”.

The good news, though, is that there are quite a lot of both straightforward and inexpensive ways to enhance the security of your abode at this time of year. Even such simple steps as ensuring valuables aren’t easy to see through your home’s windows, and fitting a cage to the inside of your letterbox to ward off attempts to “fish” items like keys, can go a long way.

But there’s another product that residents often buy to minimise the chances of would-be trespassers trying their luck at their property over the winter: outdoor lighting. So if you’re thinking of doing the same, how can you ensure you get the best out of your own home’s outdoor lights?

Consider the best locations for your outdoor lights

OK, so you know you want to illuminate the outside of your home, but that still leaves a lot of options for where you specifically have your lights installed.

Would you like to have the lights mounted to a tree, fence or wall, for instance? Or maybe you’re looking to have them dotted along your garden path?

And how can you ensure both obvious and less obvious locations in your garden or elsewhere around your property are adequately illuminated, so that you don’t leave certain areas in shadow, inadvertently suggesting attractive hiding places for budding thieves?

The decisions you make here will have implications for the specific outdoor lights that you buy. The That’s Clever online store, for example, presents an extensive range of outdoor security lighting, including some designed to be fitted to the aforementioned walls, trees and even drainpipes if desired. Meanwhile, other available lights include dedicated garden path lighting and communicating floodlights.

Think carefully about your power options

The technology to power your outdoor lighting needs to come from somewhere. But if you’re now imagining having to call in an electrician to perform a rewiring job, don’t worry – such lighting doesn’t necessarily have to be powered by your mains electricity.

In fact, outdoor lights can be bought that simply operate on the kind of batteries you’ll find in almost any shop. That means you can have effective security lighting installed and operational outside your abode in mere minutes, without the complex setup process you might have feared.

Make sure they’re both motion and darkness sensored

When you have security lights fitted outside your home, you won’t want to have to remember to manually switch them on whenever it gets dark. After all, as touched on above, it may have long become dark by the time you arrive back home each evening anyway.

Nor is it exactly great to have lighting that you constantly forget to turn off, as that could mean money being wasted powering it, whether you have a mains electric or battery-powered system.

These problems are what motion and darkness sensors in your chosen outdoor lighting will help avoid, especially if the light only turns on in the event of detecting both motion and darkness.

Outdoor lighting doesn’t have to be as fussy or complicated to set up as you might initially expect. Purchasing the right products and having them installed in the most suitable places outside your property could give you an invaluable and convenient boost in home security, as well as much-needed peace of mind.





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