5 gifts for pet lovers

Pets bring so much to our lives. Whether you are a dog or a cat person or love smaller furry creatures, there is nothing quite like the unconditional love offered by our animal friends. If you have family and friends who have pets, you can make them feel special by getting them presents related to their animal companions. Here are my suggestions for 5 gifts for pet lovers.


There are different schools of thoughts on whether you should sleep with your pets or not. Whatever you think it is great for your companion to have a place of their own. You can support the Dogs Trust charity by purchasing a range of gifts from them. I love the Retreat Eco-Wellness Dog Duvet Bed. Even dogs deserve a duvet day from time to time! Sustainable dog duvet in a stylish feather print design in grey and duck egg. Filled with 100% recycled memory foam and breathing panel to mould to your dog, providing optimum comfort. The memory foam offers enhanced support for elderly or infirm dogs but can help any dogs who may need extra support, including larger breeds or those with joint problems. The inner is made with easy-care water-resistant fabric in a practical dark shade. You can remove the cover for washing and the bed comes in different sizes to suit different breeds.

Pet illustrations

It is lovely to see your lovely pet as a work of art. You can get a hand drawn pet illustration for a super affordable price from Vector Pets. You can choose from a cartoon version or a more detailed one that really captures the unique characters of your companion. It’s as simple as uploading an image of your pet and then Vector Pets get to work. Normal delivery is within 72 hours or you can go for a 24 hour fast track delivery service.

Mugs and drinks bottles

If you pop over to the online shop at Cats Protection, you know you are helping feline friends in need as well as finding a great gift for pet lovers. I particularly like the mugs they have especially the black cat mug with ears. You might prefer the crazy cat lady one in pink. There is also a cute drinks bottle available with Cattitude! There are a selection of other present ideas from notebooks to planters.

Practical petcare

It might sound a little boring but people with animals might enjoy a more practical gift such as dog treats or lotions and potions that keep pets healthy. These might include flea treatments, care for skin and joints and ear cleaner. One of the best places to get such things is the PDSA online shop. Selected using their veterinary expertise, the range includes a variety of effective, easy-to-use products to suit your pet’s health and wellbeing needs. Proceeds from the sale of these products help their vets to help sick and injured pets nationwide.


People who have pets tend to love animals generally and have kind hearts. You might want to sponsor an animal in need at an animal shelter or to fund the training of a guide dog or a hearing dog for the deaf.

Will you choose an animal illustration or a mug?

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