Alternatives To Easter Eggs

Alternatives to Easter Eggs for your family

Easter is here, which means that it’s time to tuck in to hot-cross buns and Easter eggs. Yum! But what if your family is tired of these traditional favourites? In this post we’re going to look at some alternatives to Easter eggs that are good fun. You can give these as presents or enjoy them yourself. Either way, they could really make Easter feel special.

Vegan Treats

Instead of sticking to the same old chocolate-based presents, you could try giving a natural gift instead. Vegan food could be just thing, because it fits perfectly with the theme of spring and fresh growth. It’s also healthy and can be quite delicious. What’s more, there are vegan alternatives to chocolate available. So, everyone will be smiling.

Gin Miniatures

Need something to wash down those vegan treats? A gin taster or gift set from a site like Just Miniatures could be just the thing – provided you are over 18, of course. These make brilliant presents, because they’re easy to wrap, and they’re definitely fun as well as interesting. Plus, you might just discover your new favourite variant of gin.

Beauty Products

These could be either a present for someone else or a little gift for yourself. Beauty products come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from the smallest pots of face cream to the biggest bottles of shampoo. And let’s not forget bath products, like bubble bath and oils, which are welcome at any time of year.

Beautiful Flowers

Spring is the season in which plants everywhere come into glorious bloom, making it the perfect time to give someone a bunch of bright, gorgeous flowers. These will not only add colour to a home, but provide a fragrant atmosphere to enjoy throughout Easter.

Fascinating Books

Easter means time off, and to many that could translate into valuable extra hours that might be best spent curled up with a brilliant book. It doesn’t matter if the books you give as a present are fiction or non-fiction, just as long as they are interesting.

This list presents just some extra options for Easter, but of course there are hundreds of possible presents that could be given during this special time. And let’s not forget that the best gift of all, for many of us, is simply being able to spend time with our families. Enjoy your Easter and may you give and receive many wonderful presents.

Can you suggest alternatives to Easter eggs to my readers?

Fun And Interesting Alternatives to Easter Eggs



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