5 Reasons To Visit Istanbul

Istanbul is a destination that sets the imagination alight. There really is something for everyone there. The city is proud of over 2500 years of history. This means it has a strong culture, and fascinating traditions. There are amazing landmarks for you to investigate during the day along with magical views. When you have finished exploring and had a little rest you can revel in the vibrant nightlife. Istanbul is often described as a cultural melting pot and with good cause. There are a range of fabulous (فنادق اسطنبول) – Istanbul hotels you can stay in. Here are just 5 reasons to add Istanbul to your travel bucket list.


There are contrasting landmarks to enjoy in the city. Many signs of Istanbul’s opulent past can still be seen in intact form.  Check out Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque, Dolmabahçe Palace, and the Grand and Spice Bazaars. Those who really know the city will advise you to take in beautiful locations  such as Süleymaniye Mosque, Basilica Cistern and the Galata Tower. If churches are your thing, you  can enjoy many of them from the Byzantine era that  you may well have studied at school.

Food and drink

If you are like me and a total foodie, holidays are better where the food is good. You won’t be disappointed in Istanbul. Many cultures have found themselves in the city over the centuries so you will find tempting and diverse food choices. You can enjoy different cuisines, varying from authentic Ottoman food to traditional Turkish food with its delicious mezes and meat or fish dishes, to the modern kitchen of the West. That is before you even get started on the sumptuous desserts. Drinks include raki, the national anise drink or wine and juices.


It often surprises tourists when they hear that Istanbul offers a vibrant nightlife to match that of any other holiday spot. You can have a wild time with a pub crawl or something more sedate like a dinner cruise. Many of the top nightlife locations are by the Bosphorus or on rooftops giving wonderful views and dramatic skylines to enjoy. So whether you want to dance until dawn or chill on a cafe terrace, your nights will be fantastic in Istanbul.


You really can shop until you drop in this city. Luxury is there if you have lots of money or you can go for more mainstream choices in the many modern shopping centres. I would advise you to seek out authentic and artisan items by local craftspeople and designers. Move away from the obvious tourist traps and see what you can discover. If you love a bargain a visit to the Grand Bazaar is a must.

City of contrasts

The top reason I have for loving Istanbul is that is is a city of contrasts. East meets West bringing a rich heritage and culture. Old buildings stand near the modern skyscrapers. Different religions co-exist peacefully most of the time. Finally, the Turkish people are so welcoming to a city they are rightly proud of. It is high time you booked those (تذاكر طيران) airline tickets and enjoyed the holiday of a lifetime.

What are your reasons for loving Istanbul?





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