Dramatic Accessories You Need to Complete Your Wardrobe

There are a few iconic accessories that every woman needs to complete her wardrobe. Accessories bring you a bit of happiness, and they are these certain pieces that can take an outfit from boring to beautiful. While trends come and go, statement accessories are a way you can keep up with the latest fashion trends and completely change the look of some of your favorite looks. While you don’t have to invest a ton in accessories while you’re trying out a new style, they are still absolutely worth picking up to try out.

Here are some dramatic accessories that will complete your wardrobe:

The Itty Bitty Bag

Handbags have gone from large to small, to really small. The Jacquemus Mini Bag was one of the first luxury handbags to really help this trend take off. Now we are seeing handbags going even smaller. The Itty Bitty Bag is the perfect option when you want to go out with just a credit card and phone while keeping your hands free. It’s a fashion forward option, and while not practical for every occasion, if you opt for an itty bitty bag that is stylish and full of character it can be a gorgeous addition to your wardrobe and something you’ll continue to reach for. Some argue these bags are hard to find but actually there are many options online: in fact, you can browse beautiful quality mini bags 100% Made in Italy on websites like Mirta for example. These kinds of bags are also incredibly easy to style and put with a more casual or evening type outfit, another bonus! Mini bags are relatively new and will have you being the trendsetter the second you style your new baby!

Square toed shoes

The square toe shoe is on trend now, and it is a welcome change! It elongates the legs and gives a modern edge to any outfit, while also being comfortable. This summer, for example, we have seen the square toed strappy sandals everywhere. For fall, it’s the sling-backs, flats and boots with a square toe that looks minimalist and still feminine.

Wide waist belt

A wide waist belt sits at the middle of the waist and gives you an hourglass shape as it cinches you in. You can wear it with pants, a skirt, or a dress to really pull together any outfit. With fabric, leather and other materials for wide waist belts, take the time to find one that suits the rest of your wardrobe and expresses your individual style.

Chain necklaces

A necklace can really finish an outfit off, and it is one accessory that really adds a fashion element to any outfit. A large and chunky chain necklace, paired with a tee or a rollneck by itself or with a blazer overtop is a classic way to wear this trend.

For those days when you want to elevate your outfit with one simple piece, the chain necklace is a gorgeous and dramatic accessory to select.

Logo hair clips

Logo hair clips are trendy (and practical for keeping your hair back!) And these aren’t just any clips, they are oversized clips that really make a statement. Especially for when you wear that classic outfit, a logo hair clip is a statement piece you can reach for to elevate your look.

The best part about these accessories is that they’re incredibly easy to style and they can make even the most casual of an outfit more fashionable.



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