Hygge And Finding Joy
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Hygge and finding joy in small moments

Hygge is quickly taking over as a decor trend with an emphasis on everything cosy, comfy and content. While it’s become known for helping with long, dark winter days, this Danish practice (pronounced “hoo-gah”) can be a vital practice all year long. Being present, finding joy in small moments and surrounding yourself with only things that help you be comfortable, hygge is a great way to make a few decor and design choices that can make your space feel like home.


Essentials of Hygge and finding joy

With the arrival of spring and longer days, it can mean we take advantage of busier schedules and more activities at the expense of paying attention to our well-being. Hygge is one way to help combat that possibility, making sure while you’re at home you find real relaxation and set the stage for self-care.

Just like spring cleaning, decluttering can have a huge impact on prepping your space for the new season while keeping your unnecessary items to a minimum. Excess “stuff” and disorganized areas can lead to stress in many forms, from overwhelming your physical space to adding mental strain in finding time to manage it. Set aside some time either in small stretches or one dedicated block to tackle decluttering. Two good ideas to get started would be to address one defined area at a time, or go by category of items and move systematically through your home.

Staying active and getting outside is not only an essential part of hygge, it’s also amazing for mental and physical health. Even a quick walk around the block to enjoy the spring sunshine each day means you can enjoy the mild days and fresh air and have time to yourself or catch up with a friend.

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Springtime Self-Care

Even though we’ve turned the clocks forward and enjoying more daylight, that doesn’t mean sleep is any less important. Getting restful sleep is so vital to our overall health and well-being, Look for a mattress that matches your needs so you can get quality rest each night and a comfortable base if your bed is also a favourite cosy hangout spot.

If facemasks and pampering are more your style, invite your best friends over for a mini-spa night. Companionship is another big element of hygge, take advantage of the nicer weather and host some friends to celebrate the end of winter hibernation and get ready for summer.

A new season is also a good time to refresh your goals and realign your schedule and priorities to make sure they’re still serving the purpose you need. Journaling, looking the commitments you’re making and carving out time for yourself are all good exercises to do heading into spring. There’s nothing wrong about having a full schedule if you’ve found healthy ways to balance everything successfully. However, if you feel rundown see where you can start cutting down on activities and be okay with saying no when you need to. Take care with yourself and don’t feel bad for enjoying the relaxing home you’ve created!


Make the inside of your home mirror the budding plant life outside and bring some green into your home. Fresh cut flowers, potted plants (real or fake) and seasonal items like decorative flowering stems in vases throughout your space can give your style a new spin and fresh look.

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Hanging a seasonal boxwood wreath at your main entrance and cleaning up your outdoor spaces can also help create hygge in your house. Getting outside and enjoying the fresh air as you clear up sticks and tend to any landscaping creates a beautiful, organized house inside and out to greet you coming home each day.


Along with opening up your windows and even switching out your window treatments for something lighter, reconsider your main sources of light. Now that the days are longer, try to soak up as much natural light as possible and then turn to gentle sources like floor lamps, candles and recessed lights if you have them.

Overhead lights or overly bright LEDs can be too abrasive for the relaxing vibes of hygge, so make sure your lights match the mood that you’re going for. Multiple sources of light are another way to soften your lighting while still having enough to comfortably read or even have a family game night.


Swapping out a few pieces of decor is one of the easiest and budget-friendly ways to embrace each season and give your style a boost. There are lots of ways to get into the spring-spirit and keep your home cosy.

Look for items in a palette that can match your existing design or help you refresh your setup if a change is welcome. Neutrals are always a good fit, but for the more adventurous the right pastel or brighter shade can add a visual pop to the room. Consider the colour wheel for complementary colours to what you already have when looking for the right accent that will add to the room, instead of clashing or overpowering it. A good example would be to feature vases, flowers or accent pillows in shades of pastel or vibrant yellow against blue colour palettes.


Along with the greenery mentioned above, consider what cosy means to you. For movie nights, get soy candles in subtle floral or clean scents and lightweight silk-blend throw blankets for snuggling on the couch. Bookworms will love overstuffed pillows in plush fabrics like faux fur, soft cottons and cool satin to nestle into. If your bed is your favourite spot for being comfy, wrap yourself in high quality bedding and switch out your duvet to match rising temps to stay comfortable.

The best part of Hygge and finding joy in small moments  is that it’s entirely personal to you, so take a cue from the changing season and take a fresh look at how you want your space to feel. What changes do you want to make this spring?

Do you have tips on Hygge and finding joy in small moments?


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