Revision Tips For Students

Revision tips for students to succeed

Do you have a son or daughter currently going through GCSEs, A Levels or university? If so, you’re probably well aware of how important it is for them to put in the 110% effort where their revision is concerned. But it’s unfortunately not that simple; it’s more than sitting down and reading from a text book for a few hours. The revision sessions have to be well structured and in an appropriate environment. The attitude has to be just right in order for the information to be retained. Here are four useful revision tips for students from a Sixth Form in Hertfordshire.

1.     Get Some Help – revision tips for students

Many students are afraid to ask for help, but sometimes some support from parents or teachers is all they really need.

2.     Prepare a Timetable

Revision timetables are very handy for students because it gives them a sense of structure and prevents the “I’ll do it later” attitude. Students should consider which areas of their education require more attention so that this can be factored into the timetable. This stops them from wasting time on areas they have already perfected and panicking at the last minute about areas they are struggling with. Students should also factor regular breaks into their revision timetable so that they don’t go stir crazy. Relentless revising is never a productive way to retain information.

3.     Adopt a Positive Outlook

Nerves are perfectly natural and are not a bad thing where exams are concerned but it’s important to manage them and try to be confident. Parents should promote optimism and positivity around their kids because a defeatist attitude will lead to poor results.

4.     Prepare a Study Area

Students should have a space in their home that is dedicated to studying. It should be quiet, with limited distracts, and should be well equipped with all of the appropriate stationery, books and whatever else might be needed. For students who don’t have a suitable study area in their home (perhaps there are small children causing chaos or the house is too small), the library is a great option.



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  • Kim Carberry

    My teen is in the middle of revising for her GCSE’s. She is doing well so far. We have made a timetable and it’s the best thing we’ve done. There is no putting it off now x

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