Your best resolution for a Happy New Year

How do you feel about making New Year resolutions? Although we can approach a brand new year with great hopes that our lives can be so much better, resolutions may not be the way to make that happen. It’s a dark time of year when we are exhausted after Christmas and perhaps suffering a little from Seasonal Affective Disorder. Is it any wonder that the best laid plans on our resolution lists come to nothing much?

Sort yourself out

I would argue that you only really need one resolution this year. Commit to sorting yourself out. We all want to do that but we mask it with apparent quick fixes. Yes you could go on a diet but would it not be way more powerful to look into your actual relationship with food and unpick why you struggle to eat healthily? If you are thinking of cutting down on booze or cigarettes, would it not be better to look at why you are addicted to them in the first place?

Be brave

Have you considered counselling to tackle those deep-rooted issues that you keep running away from? There really is no shame in seeking help and it is actually a great sign of strength. With advances in technology, you can access online therapy from an organisation such as and start a whole new journey to a positive way of life. Online therapy can be done in a way that suits your needs from texting to video and back-up telephone support.

What’s your issue?

Online therapy can help with so many issues that hold us back in life. These include work-related stress, relationship issues and anxiety disorders. What is troubling you at the moment? For me right now, it is a relationship issue where I tend to blame myself for someone else’s poor behaviour. For you, it might be coming to terms with the loss of a loved one. We can struggle on alone or we can access online therapy and also tap into other resources out there such as our GP or charities.

Are you with me? Shall we resolve to make 2019 the year we sort ourselves out?




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