Reasons You Should Make A Self Care Resolution
Looking after yourself

Reasons you should make a self-care resolution

Self-care can appear just another buzzword but it is really important. Women tend to keep giving to others with not enough thought for their own wellbeing. There are jobs to do and children to raise but there is also the unique individual you are who actually deserves me time whether that is a Champneys spa day or a trip to the theatre. Here are 5 reasons you should make a self-care resolution.


Boost your immunity – reasons you should make a self-care resolution

When you do not take time out for self-care, you become stressed with the business of life. This means you are pretty permanently in a state of flight or fight. When you are in this state your body is less well-equipped to protect you from illness. If you become ill, you are less able to handle the things you have on your plate so you become even more stressed. Surely it is better to invest in your health with some mindfulness or relaxation techniques.



Get better sleep

How do you feel when you have had a great night’s sleep? How does that differ from when you have had a disturbed night tossing and turning? If you are like me, good sleep helps you handle your day more positively both in terms of getting stuff done and in terms of mood. Simple self-care like reading rather than scrolling through other people’s apparently perfect lives on social media enhances the chances of good sleep. So not only do you do an activity that you enjoy but you also reap the benefits the next day.

Develop a sense of calm

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with the things you feel you should achieve? Sometimes the emotions of life changes such as relationship breakdown or bereavement can appear all too much. Self-care activities such as a walk in nature can help you focus just on the present moment and put your worries aside for a while.


Have fun

Self-care can bring a sense of fun your way. In the busy world of being a grown-up, that childlike sense of wonder can disappear. This is to the detriment of our mental wellbeing. Try and think back to what made you happy all those years ago and incorporate more of those things in your day. It might involve getting back to an old hobby or even jumping in a puddle like a toddler!

Acknowledge that you matter too

Have your lost a sense of self entirely somewhere along the way? Women get so many labels with associated duties in a lifetime that it can result in us forgetting who we are as individuals? What makes you tick? You do matter and if you don’t invest in yourself, who else will? Value yourself appropriately and see how others start to treat you better too. If you find it difficult to acknowledge that you matter too, consider some counselling. Finally, if you are still not convinced that it is high time your put some self-care into our daily routine, remember we can only give fully to others when we are looking after ourselves.






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  • makingtimeforme

    My Theme for 2019 is #intentionalliving That will mean self-care amongst many other things. At 38 years old though, I know if I don’t care for myself then there is nothing to give to everyone else. When I care for myself first, I am less anxious and less stressed. Then my husband and my children get the best of me!

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