Homeschooling In TheUSA

Homeschooling in the USA benefits parents and kids

As someone who home educates children, I am always keen to hear about the diversity of ways people facilitate the learning of children at home. Rebecca has two boys ages 12 and 10, and has experience of homeschooling in the USA. If  you are in the UK, you might be surprised to learn that home education is on the increase.

Homeschooling in the USA

“Homeschooling is a huge leap. Today many are seeing it as an alternative to public schools. The freedom to teach your children and ensure that they are getting an education worth having. There are so many different things being taught these days that we, as parents, do not want our children to learn just yet. There is a time and place for everything.

I am coming at you from two fronts. I was homeschooled myself (on and off) while growing up. After having my two boys, I decided that we were going to take them out of public school and teach them at home. Having the background of homeschooling from a younger perspective, I thought “this is going to be easy.” Nothing could be farther from the truth! Kids are going to run you through the wringer on a daily basis, and its not going to be a cake walk. However, there are so many advantages to having your kids at home.

Quality time as a family

My husband and I were both military, so having the time to take off and spend together around deployments and Temporary Duty Yonder was a very important factor for us. We  could incorporate learning into just about everything that we did. Children are going to have different likes and dislikes and having the freedom to teach them and indulge their passions really gave them a leg up. Having a history background, myself, I wanted my children to have a love for history as well. By having the freedom to change their curriculum as I pleased, we were able to deep dive into some areas that my boys wanted to learn more about, and give them a better understanding of what happened, and why.

Happy families

Reading was one area that my youngest really struggled with. By learning what he wanted to learn, and finding reading material around that subject, he took off like a rocket! Reading was no longer a concern, and he was ENJOYING it! They ask now to visit the library!

Okay parents let me hit you with a little truth – homeschooling is one of the best choices that you can make for your children! It is not easy. It is going to cause some headaches. But, at the end of the day, your children are going to be better off and happier. There is no bullying, the teachers are awesome, and your kids are LEARNING! No more wasted days – each day is an adventure worth living!

There are so many opportunities, talk to someone who had been homeschooling and take the leap now!”

Do you have experience of homeschooling in the USA  or elsewhere? How do you find it?

HomeSchooling In The USA


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  • Michele Morin

    Yes, it’s good for everyone. We’ve homeschooled for 20 years, and with one more year to go, I’m realizing that homeschooling is even good for the public schools: our kids bring a unique presence to their little forays into the public school for sports, arts, music, etc.

  • Heather Keet

    I definitely think home schooling can be more beneficial than an overcrowded facility that cares more about test scores than actual learning, but I’ve also seen some home schooling go completely off the rails. I think it’s important that each family think about their specifics before they commit to it – and be ready to change if it doesn’t work for them. #GlobalBlogging

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