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The team at NUYU love spring the most.  The harshness of the cold, wind and excessive rain of winter are in the past, and we get to look forward to some sun and rejuvenation.  Your hair might need a little, but of help to look its best for the summer months to come.  Here we offer a guide for some of the best healthy hair habits to begin in 2020.

#1 Wash your hair less

Once a day shampoo is something of a problem when this shouldn’t be part of your daily routine.  Flat, dry hair or hair that is frizzy or with dandruff might be a result of over washing. Too much shampoo will strip your hair of its natural oils, and your scalp will then produce more oil to compensate.  Wash your hair every other day at first and then extend the time between washes until you only wash twice a week.

#2 Invest in treatments

Using hair masks is a great way to rejuvenate hair that works too hard.  Our world is full of pollution, hair irons, blow dryers and more.  All this lousy treatment creates stress in our hair.  Consequently, undertaking a hair mask will help you to restore nutrients, moisture and proteins.

The regular use of a hair mask should become a feature of your 2020, being one of the more accessible and effective ways to care for your hair.  You can even make yourself a DIY mask by blending avocado with olive oil and two tablespoons of honey.  Apply this to damp hair and sit with it for about 60 minutes before washing it off.

#3 Go sulfate-free

Sulfates are chemicals added to shampoos to help it froth up into suds.  They are also effective at dissolving oils, so a useful component of shampoos.  However, sulfates are a blunt tool and will strip all sorts of goodness out of your hair too.  Therefore, sulfate-free shampoo will prevent a lot of the damage that comes from washing.

#4 Love your hairdresser

If you are growing your hair in 2020, you should still get your hair trimmed regularly.  You are more likely to stick with the task if you have well-kept ends.  Having trims will help strands to look thicker and shinier, and you will benefit from the illusion of faster-growing hair.  Your hair won’t be growing quicker, but because it seems less straggly and more full-bodied, it will appear longer to the outsider!

#5 Heat and ties beware

If we can reduce the stress that we put our hair under, we will need less intervention and hair care tips.  For instance, every time we pull our hair back with a tie, we cause breakages and tug at our roots.  If you are going to tie it back, use a silk hair tie to reduce the damage done. Remember to check out invisible tape in hair extensions which is strong and non-damaging.  Also, heat tools cause a significant amount of stress on our hair, from blow-drying to curling to straightening, we expect a lot of our strands.  You should use heat protection sprays and lower settings on your tools to take care of your hair.

#6 Healthy eating

Our body is a basic input-output machine.  Whatever we eat will show itself in our weight, skin and, of course, our hair.  Therefore, eating well will help our hair out.  Also useful is to take in some gut microbiomes to create a balance between good and bad bacterial in the gut.  This will allow nutrients to work through the stomach and into your wider body.  A probiotic yoghurt works wonders to make all that healthy eating pay.

You should also look to eat more fibre and foods with antioxidants, which will help cell regeneration and so support hair growth.  Fatty-acids, such as Omega-3, is anti-inflammatory that can prevent dryness and flaking.  This is a great excuse for eating salmon and mackerel, as well as flax.

#7 Demand a scalp massage

You can massage your scalp, which will increase its thickness and increase blood flow to the scalp.  You can also demand that someone else gives you a scalp massage, which also has the benefit of being supremely relaxing.

#8 Choose products wisely

Finally, but most importantly, you should select your hair products with care.  Select natural products and you will reduce the toxic load in your body, as well as the hormone disruptors.  If you regularly undertake detoxification, you might not think this too vital.  However, keeping as many chemicals out of your system as possible is always the best policy.

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