How to choose a carpet for your home

Although I do see the superb benefits of laminate flooring and tiles, there are some areas of the home where I like to have carpet. For me these tend to be the rooms where I like to relax so perhaps the bedroom or the living room. I simply don’t want to put my feet on cold floors in the morning or when I get up in the night. Perhaps it is because I was brought up in the Seventies when carpets were everywhere. It is fair to say that over the years with pets and children, I have found carpet impractical. Now I am pet-free and my children are older teens who do not make as much mess, the time is right for carpets at home.

Carpet choices

I like vibrant colours. They cheer me up on dull days. I am not a fan of cream carpets which look dirty so easily. I have gone for plain carpets for years but this time would like to investigate modern patterns. I think you definitely get what you pay for when it comes to carpets. I can see the quality of the carpets in my brother’s home so would like to replicate that. Prices for carpets can vary from less than £5 per square metre for a simple synthetic to more than £100 per square metre for a premium, hand-woven design. We would all love the premium versions but my budget does not stretch quite so far. However, I would hope to find something that feels gorgeous underfoot that my little toes can sink into.

Benefits of carpet

Carpet gives that warm, cosy and luxurious feel to a home. I like to walk around barefoot too. It can help reduce fuel bills as it provides insulation. I understand it also helps with sound-proofing. If you have a character property, carpets are easier to lay on uneven floors. There are many benefits to carpets but do check out the different materials used in carpets. For example, it is important to know that the natural fibre carpets tend to attract insects and are of course a pricier option.

Do you like to have carpets in your home?

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