Easy Ways To Be Kind To Yourself
Looking after yourself

Easy ways to be kind to yourself

I won’t comment on the amount of hours or days we’ve been at home. You, like me have lost count and interest, surely? Instead pry your eyes away from the corona count on the news and invest energy into what you do next. I am hoping to help you with easy ways to be kind to yourself and others.

I’ve lived in Spain for almost a year and to say I’m missing family and friends is an understatement. I would have travelled home and had family visits in the past two months if not for the ‘C’ word. And the reminder emails are only adding insult to injury! But, putting longing aside; I’m committed to living intentionally in the time ahead of us. So I thought I would share some tips to help you along. Be present; show up for those you love, but look after yourself too.

Set the pace, set the tone

I try to mentally create a plan, even loosely about the day and how we’ll spend it. Timings for what will happen when, and a good playlist have been so helpful for me over the past couple of months. My partner and I both find it important to have a part of the day that is “ours”. Time as a couple to check in, as well as time alone. It helps us maintain focus, particularly on days when things can feel overwhelming. We have also been looking beyond our favourite tracks for new playlists on Spotify, or a genre we might not typically go for and just changing the vibe!

Take time out from technology

Nothing new, I know. But being reminded brings it back into focus. Whilst I’m thankful for the wonder that is ‘Zoom’ to call friends and family, time spent in front of one screen, or another quickly adds up! If you don’t already; try to create a time of day that all the technology gets turned off or turned to silent and stick to it! It’s so easy to get mindlessly lost scrolling through WhatsApp updates, now more than ever. It’s really helped to not get caught up in the what ifs about what happens next.

Don’t be afraid to say no and do nothing

I have to admit, I’m not the type of person to have no plans. I love socialising and finding new places to go. The thought of being at home this long isn’t something I ever imagined. But staying at home and saying no, to some virtual invitations has put me in a much better headspace. Instead, I’ve used that time to write, paint, create and most importantly – be still. Self care is the new self kind.

Pay it forward

If you haven’t dug into some old feel good films by now (how have you been spending your Saturdays?) No, but really. The 2000 film with American stars Helen Hunt, Haley Joel Osment and Kevin Spacey, is a tear jerker; but also something that will inspire you to do the same. A school assignment leads a 14 year old boy to launch a goodwill movement known as ‘Pay It Forward’. Rather than repaying a favour, you do a good deed for three more people instead; in the hopes that it will make the world a better place. I have tried where possible, to support others (from a socially acceptable distance)- particularly women in business. Combining both my love of self care and support of small businesses. It proved a solid way to justify my spending habits to the other half, and is also contributing to some of the smaller brands I love to stay in business too!

Create a jar for acts of kindness

What started as a jar of ‘date night’ questions, turned into a jar containing “acts of kindness” for my partner and I. We’re both working from home and occupying our whirlwind of a toddler. The struggle is very real for a lot of us right now. So, as a way to show love throughout the week, we have a jar of little gestures we can do for one another at a time that suits us. We simply pull one out of the jar and put it into action. Think, a peppermint tea pick me up, mid – afternoon and a couple of hobnobs. It has really helped our morale!

Add some sparkle to the everyday ordinary

It really is important to count your blessings. In a time where the world is in chaos and loved ones are lost, I’m thankful for many things. This period of “unplanned togetherness” has allowed us to appreciate the typically rushed parts of the day. The nursery run, is now more of an amble to the front room to set up the video call. Add the luxury of having time to make breakfast a banquet of choice, and it’s safe to say most days are a success!


The most important before trying to implement any kind of self care plan is simple. Sleep the required amount of hours in order for you to function. I myself am the worst culprit, but now you’ve read it, I know somebody else can hold me accountable for not taking my own advice. I used to think it was so uncool to go to bed when the baby did, but a fast approaching special birthday in August is really putting things into perspective. After all, who doesn’t want to feel fabulous at 30?

You can find more about my mindset and our life in Spain on Instagram


You can find more about my mindset and our life in Spain on Instagram


Author: Dionne Anderson

Do you have any top tips on easy ways to be kind to yourself in challenging times?


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