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Benefits of sash windows for your home

When I was growing up we always had sash windows so I have never questioned the benefits of sash windows for your home. I have such fond memories of knowing which season it was by how far open the windows were. My mum used to throw them open at every opportunity as she loved fresh air to come into our house. As a teenager I liked the windows closed but she would come into my room and insist on opening them again. Sash windows like so many things have moved on since my childhood days. Here are 5 benefits of sash windows for your home.

Energy benefits of sash windows for your home

You might choose timber or uPVC for your windows but can rest assured both are great for energy efficiency. Wood is a natural insulater and uPVC has airtight qualities. Sash windows cleverly reflect too much heat from the sun whilst making the most of heating you have put on indoors. The glazing is weather-proof and thermally efficient meaning you are comfortable with the temperature inside whatever the weather. Even better, your fuel bills will be less.


When you invest in home improvements, you want to ensure you are getting real value for money. For me this means something that will stand the test of time. I am super impressed on hearing that uPVC can last for up to 35 years.  Rain is not a threat to uPVC and as we live in a rainy country, that is so much the better.

Low maintenance works for me

All you need to do with uPVC is regular cleaning and attention to the  hinges. You are not going to find yourself paying out heavy maintenance costs.

Keeping the burglars away

Modern sash windows come with lots of locking mechanisms to ensure your home is difficult to break into by criminals. Your home is your castle and with the  new sash windows you can sleep peacefully at night.

Noise pollution

I think neighbours are generally less considerate these days perhaps because our communities are not as strong as they were decades ago. Although I love loud music, I often need quiet times and can be quite noise sensitive. So if a child is bouncing a ball against a wall that is great but I don’t necessarily want to hear it.  Traffic noise can be a challenge in both towns and countryside settings. Hearing other people having a party has never done it for me either. So sash windows that have thick glass reduce the impact of unwanted noise.

Can you highlight any other benefits of sash windows for your home?

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