Ideas For Redecorating The Home
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Ideas for redecorating the home

I need some ideas for redecorating the home we moved into a few months ago. It’s a gorgeous house but sadly the walls are death by magnolia. I hate magnolia with a passion. I have tried enhancing the walls with art and decorative plates but it is time for a proper project.

Redecorating can seem so challenging. In fact once I had a few drinks before painting my kitchen and it ended up a very dubious  shade of pink. I have no excuse as my Dad showed me how to paint properly. I used to love helping  him and remember spending evenings and weekends getting our new house ready when I was a teenager. He loved sharing his skills and stories and I was always ready to listen and learn.

My husband is not great at DIY at all. Of course, if you get the professionals in it can be a costly enterprise. The ideal is perhaps to have friends who just happen to have the skills you need. We are in a new area so don’t as yet.

Sometimes when redecorating I have gone down the wall sticker route. I remember surprising my step-daughter with a purple bedroom with stars and the like. I got in trouble as I put myself up a ladder when eight months pregnant to get the roof full of stars. I was alone in the house so it was very silly but I use the excuse that I was clearly nesting.

I should start with one room so perhaps will start on the third floor where my son hangs out. He is a cool kid so I think he would be very impressed with New York Wallpaper & Wall Murals | Wallsauce and this could set a great theme for the entire room with me adding American-themed bedding and  cushions. He will like it I am sure as his favourite T-shirt depicts New York.

Yes, that’s decided! I will just do one room at a time and see how I get on remembering not to have a tipple before I start!

Do you have plans to redecorate? Please leave a comment and let me know about your themes and colour schemes.

Do you have ideas for redecorating the home?

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  • chickenruby

    we’ve lived in rental property the past 8 years abroad, we just spice things up by adding new cushion covers to our 15 year old furniture and collect objects of certain colours from around the house in each room, giving it a bit of a theme #pocolo

  • Morgan Prince

    We spent a lot of last year redecorating our upstairs. After we did my office we moved onto the landing area and then made it into the entrance way downstairs by our front door. Then our redecorating stalled, family issues. Now we’re currently having our kitchen repainted, we weren’t going to do that one ourselves because we want it tiling too. Can’t wait until it’s finished.
    I like the idea of a wall mural, unfortunately all our rooms have windows or something on the wall so we can’t have a ‘feature’ wall.
    Great post lovely.
    Thanks for linking to #pocolo

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