Chair Reflecting Personal Style
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Chair reflecting personal style

When I was at home with my parents, I was very well aware of the term “My Chair” often delivered with an exclamation mark at the end. My mum had a chair just like the others in the room but she always wanted hers to be just for her. I did not understand it at the time and it used to make me quite angry as I hit teenage moods.

Now I am a parent myself, I can empathise. We give our all to our children. Finances tend to be applied to children’s needs and wants over our own. Everything that is really ours becomes that much more precious.

Mum would sit on her chair when watching television, chatting with friends or knitting. These days times have changed and so many mums are now working from home. Yes we like a cosy chair to snuggle up in on colder days but we also probably would like an office area with a chair too.

What chair do I associate myself with?

I had a good browse of the Furniture At Work site and chose the Hoxton high back leather chair because it says so much about who I am. I love leather and always choose it for jackets, sofas and car seats. It is easy to clean for a start which means a lot when life and work also involves children and pets. When it comes to fashion, I have a blouson red leather jacket that is now past its best but I find it so hard to get rid of. It is bright and makes me feel younger than I actually am.

This stylish chair comes in a striking and cheery red. I like to think I am striking and upbeat when at my best.  It is very generously proportioned which is great when you happen to be a fat-bottomed girl.

How does your chair reflect your style?

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  • nic@nipitinthebud

    This reminded me of my Grandad who always had a particular chair and spent most of his time with one arm up round his head watching Westerns! You’re right about sharing everything with the kids so I don’t have anything these days I’m overly precious about. If I chose a chair for me I’d probably still opt for a big comfy armchair I can curl up in with a book even though I’ve not done that for so long (more likely a laptop on my knee).

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