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Great Space Saving Tips for Small Rooms

Are you looking for ways to save space in a small room? Smaller areas have a tendency to look and feel cluttered pretty quickly. When the space feels cramped, it’s hard to relax and actually enjoy spending time in your own home. However, the good news is there’s lots of great space saving tips for small rooms you can use. Here, you’ll discover some of the best ideas you’ll definitely want to try.

Great space saving tips

One of the best ways to save space in a small room, is to invest in furniture which comes with hidden storage. TV cabinets are an obvious choice, but what about a coffee table which folds into a table? These also come with hidden storage to keep small rooms clutter-free.

There’s a huge range of furniture on offer with hidden storage. So, shop around and determine which would best fit your needs.

Consider adding sliding doors

Sliding doors are fantastic for saving space in a small room. You don’t typically think about how much space a door can take up. However, if you open and close the door, you’ll see it actually takes up a surprising amount of space. You need to keep the area around the door completely clear.

With sliding doors on the other hand, they don’t require any space in front or behind them. There’s also the fact they look better than traditional doors too. So, if you’re looking to enhance the look of the room while also saving space, sliding doors from a company like Barrier Components are highly recommended.

Use corner shelves to display books and ornaments

If you have a lot of books, ornaments or photos, one way to display them without taking up lots of space is via corner shelves. Hanging corner shelving is pretty easy to do and the amount of space it can save is fantastic.

Corner shelves are also really stylish and come in numerous different designs. Just remember not to display too many items on the shelves as this will have the opposite effect, making them appear cluttered and untidy.

As you can see, there’s lots of great space saving ideas for small rooms you can use. Have you considered a vertical radiator which as well as saving space can almost appear like a work of art in its own right? Check out a great article about electric heaters and how energy efficient they can be. These days there’s a huge range of clever storage options to choose from. The above are some of the best and easiest tips you can follow when it comes to making the most of the space you have available.

Do you have any great space saving tips to share with my readers?

Great Space-saving Tips For Small Rooms





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  • Michelle Kellogg

    I can’t add sliding doors because I live in an apartment but I have been working on corner shelving because I have the smaller of the two bedrooms and I have a lot of stuff. It’s amazing the amount of stuff I find myself collecting over time lol. #MMBC

  • Yeah Lifestyle

    These are great space saving ideas Kate, we do have a few corner style furnitures to maximise space in our house as well.

  • Talya

    Some great tips here – sliding doors is a great idea we have a tiny bathroom which we are considering adding a sliding door to.

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