Best WordPress Plugins for Adding Custom Fonts

You want your blog or website to attract readers and customers. How do you make it stand out from the crowd? This post takes you through options when you want to do just that by the addition of custom fonts. Let’s face it with so many businesses under threat in the current crisis, any tools that draw us to the attention of potential customers are worth a look. Let’s assume you have fallen in love with a theme for WordPress and now you want to see what choices you have when it comes to fonts. Here are the 5 best WordPress plugins for custom fonts.


This is the one most bloggers will be familiar with already. When you are just starting it is good enough. However, as you develop a personality and brand for your website or blog, it can be very limited. The other disadvantage in using this is that you will find yourself tripping over blogs and websites with a strikingly similar look. As I have already suggested it is always important to stand out and particularly in the current challenging climate.


As soon as I heard of, it made me smile reminding me of Fonzie in Happy Days. Well I can reassure you that you are indeed on your way to happy days with this font management plugin. It is particularly wonderful if you are trying to tie in your blog/website’s fonts with your other marketing materials such as posters and leaflets. You can import your own fonts and put them in your header, your titles and/or body text. This means readers, customers and potential customers recognise you immediately they come across your stuff online or offline. It’s all about that drip drip of marketing that leads to great word of mouth and puts you top of the list when someone wants to make a purchase or engage with what you have to offer. Since we all have a little extra time on our hands right now, I would urge you to investigate Fontsy’s free library of fonts. There really is something for everyone from calligraphy styles to more creative choices such as a plugin like OMGF for example.


If you are a tech whizz able to deal with all the bells and whistles side of blogging and website management, Typekit might be your preferred option. You need to embed code as a means to importing the selected fonts on your site. With Typekit you are committing to an ongoing subscription so do take that expense into account. If you love all things CSS editing, this may be the one for you. It is not right for my own blog.


This option comes with the credibility of Google behind it. It is easy to install and allows you to choose fun colours for your text. Some bloggers find it a little tricky to use so you do need to set aside a little time to get used to it.


I quite like the idea of FontDeck as you can do a little font project away from your blog on the FontDeck website. Once you are happy, you import it as a theme. So you are installing and activating a plugin in the usual way but you have already created the desired look for your titles, text and headings already over on the FontDeck website. Bear in mind that should you wish to make changes in the future, you will have to head over to FontDeck again for another mini project and start all over again with a new project ID to add to the plugin so it can apply the settings accordingly.

Do you already use one of the 5 best plugins for WordPress for custom fonts? Which do you like most?

5 Best Font Plugins




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