Marie Curie’s Emergency Appeal

I want to urge my readers to get behind Marie Curie’s Emergency Appeal. I like to support charities on my blog generally and Marie Curie is particularly close to my heart. When my parents were in their last days of life, Marie Curie nurses visited them both providing support and care. This not only supported my parents as they confronted their own deaths but also helped family members. It is a time of coming to terms and making peace with what is happening. Whilst providing excellent care, Marie Curie nurses also have an amazing talent for adapting their service to the individual needs of their patients and their families. They really are angels masquerading as human beings. Marie Curie services are offered in the home and in hospice settings around the clock.

Marie Curie’s Emergency Appeal

We are all affected by the Coronavirus and we all have our unique challenges at this time. Charities are under enormous pressure as some television advertising and news coverage show all too well. It can be difficult to decide who to support. I always think that life is a series of ups and downs. I like to think the world would be a much better place if we could at least ensure that everyone got their best shot at life at birth and had the dignity of a good death.

How Marie Curie is struggling

In normal times, volunteers would be collecting on the streets for this charity. There would also be fundraising events and community activities. Some of us would be buying from charity shops. Due to lockdown and social distancing measures, all of this is at best on hold for some time. That adds up to a worrying lack of funds going towards the vital care that Marie Curie nurses and hospices provide.

So how can you help?

I’d like to ask you to make a donation of £1 and to encourage your followers on social media to do the same.

Marie Curie are asking you to consider posting an image of something that is “on hold” in your life right now. Choose an picture from 2019 perhaps of a party, a festival or a cuddle and post it to your blog or social media channels. Then highlight the fact that terminal illness cannot be put on hold and so Marie Curie services are still needed even though  funds are plummeting. To include their ‘On Hold’ sticker, just search for MarieCurie in your GIFs. Don’t forget to share a link to in your caption.

If you love social media and with the extra time you may have on your hands, please consider doing a Live Stream on Facebook and/or Instagram.  Do something fun that will grab the attention of your friends and followers. This might be a creative activity, a tutorial on something like a recipe, you singing or even a virtual pub quiz. Some of you will be doing such things already so you may as well do it for a great cause. Check out superb and fun ways to raise money as individuals and families online.

If you love to quiz, check out the regular celebrity quiz that Marie Curie are organising.

If you fancy a little online retail therapy check out the Marie Curie shop with its lovely selection of jewellery and pins, hampers, plants and seeds and great gift ideas including some inspired choices for Fathers Day.

Over to you

It’s a challenging time. Funds are low for many people and here is yet another charity appeal. It would be so easy to turn away and do nothing. By donating just £1 you can envisage someone in their last hours getting warmth and attention. If you can manage a donation of £20 that will pay for one hour of care in someone’s own home. If your pockets are deeper £180 pays for nine hours of nursing support throughout the night.

Please do what you can.



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