Moving House Tips

Moving house tips to reduce stress

I am in good position to offer top tips for moving house as I have done it quite a lot in my time. As in many things in my life, I have often learned the hard way when it comes to smooth house moves. So how would I do it next time?


Get the professionals in when moving house

The first house move I did as an adult on my own involved me putting glasses in a plastic storage box without a lid and with no newspaper. Fortunately, my then-boyfriend saw the error of my ways as I walked to the back of the friend’s van we were using. This caused an argument between us which I should have seen as an omen of things to come but that’s a whole other story for another time.

Having a few people to help with the move, especially a team of professionals like those at can really make all the difference. Professionals can move all of your furniture and belongings safely and securely helping to take away some of the stress for you.

Professionals such as removal companies east London know what they are doing reducing the risk of accident or damage to your goods and to the property you are leaving or moving into.

Professionals are also great at having the tools you need for an effective move including strong boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, zip tie bags, labels and marker pens.

Start early when moving home

I have spent too many moving days surrounded by way too much stuff that I have deemed necessary to my life only to see it still boxed up in a bedroom or garage when I move again a couple of years later. Start early as soon as you know a move is on the cards by decluttering because the newsflash is that memories remain long after the stuff goes. If you must keep stuff, at least pack it early if you are not going to need it regularly.

Have things you will need in your new home immediately readily to hand

Get real! You will need a cuppa and you will probably want to indulge in a takeaway on your first night. Have a kettle and takeout menus close by. It’s a great idea to have such items in a brightly coloured or see through survival crate. You may want to add essentials such as loo rolls, paper towels, bin bags, cutlery and crockery (even if paper/plastic). For me the main thing is to be able to make a coffee or six so I always have mugs, coffee, milk and sugar.

Think about the other members of the family

If you have children, ensure you have entertainment for them as they can get bored, tired and cranky which does not make for a pleasant first night in your new home.

If you have pets, remember to have food and drink bowls at the ready and their usual food ready.

Let people know you are moving

This is one that is so easy to forget or overlook which can lead to problems almost immediately. Think in advance who needs to know that you have moved. I have sometimes worried family and friends by not letting them have my details immediately in the past. Your bank, doctor and dentist need to know you have moved. You may be involved with lots of companies and community groups who need your new address details. Make a list and do it early.

Moving home is known to be on of the most stressful life experiences but drawing on tips from someone who has learned to do it better over the years can help. New homes bring new adventures too so good luck!

Do you have tips for moving house?




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