How To Create A Glamorous Bathroom
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How to create a glamorous bathroom

I am on a mission to design a glamorous bathroom for our home. The bathroom we currently have really lets the house down. It is all white and boring. I love to luxuriate in a hot bath but I find I don’t particularly want to spend a long time in our bathroom as it is and often use the alternative shower room instead. Here are some tips I have come across on how to create a glamorous bathroom.

Storage – how to create a glamorous bathroom

There is no storage in my bathroom. There are five members of the family which means so many products need to be stored in the bathroom from sanitary protection to shower/bath gels to make-up and more. I am thinking of getting a cabinet of some sort and then customising it perhaps with funky handles or a paint job. Ideally I am looking for a cabinet that enables me to display items I like to see such as perfume bottles and rubber ducks whilst having drawers for things like tampons and things I ideally don’t want to announce to anyone who uses the loo. If not I can decant products into fancy storage containers that are easy enough to find in most supermarkets.

Fancy materials

My bathroom really does need an overhaul so it is high time to invest in some fancy materials to make it super stylish. I am thinking of things like marble that always looked so classy in my brother’s amazing Kensington bathroom. Marble is on trend right now and you can get marble-effect tiles although I think I will go down the metallic or mirrored route.

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I remember visiting the homes of family friends when I was a teenager and loving how they made their bathrooms so individual with artwork and quirky curios. I am quite happy to take myself off to charity shops and flea markets to find just the right thing for my new sanctuary. In fact, I think I would like to go with a theatrical theme or have wartime posters on the walls.

Spa time

I am not the sort of woman who regularly goes on spa days but I do fancy taking some ideas from the concept of spa to add to my bathroom. I could have white towels rolled up and displayed on a table as they do in my favourite posh hotel. I would certainly have candles and it is high time I treated myself to some more aromatherapy oils.

What are you top tips for a glamorous bathroom?

How To Create A Glamorous Bathroom

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