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Making Home Improvements for Autumn: A Guide

Sometimes, it can feel like we see many guides on how to make home improvements ready for the summer months, and also ready for the winter months. But there are two other seasons your home also needs to be prepared for. With autumn approaching all-too-quickly, now is the ideal time to begin thinking about what improvements you want to make. These can range from preparing your garden to completing repairs on your roof and guttering. After all, leaves will be falling in autumn, and these can quickly clog up your gutters. With that in mind, below are four areas where you should consider making improvements for the upcoming season.

Your Roof

Your roof is a significant factor in keeping your home warm, dry, and energy-efficient. When your roof is failing or letting in damp, it’s crucial you make the repairs quickly. What’s more, an insulated roof can lose up to 25% of your home’s heat, which means come winter, you’ll be spending a lot more on keeping your property warm and cosy. While it’s undoubtedly an incredibly expensive job, it may be time to consider replacing your entire roof, to ensure its truly energy-efficient and protecting your home properly.

However, it’s not only your roof which needs inspecting and repairing to make sure it’s ready for the season change when you are  making home improvements.  If there are any repairs which need completing around the home, such as repairing your deck, installing new fences ready for the harsher weather, or improving your home’s insulation, a professional helper will be able to assist. By hiring a handyman, you can rest assured your home’s repairs will be completed to the highest standard.

Your Garden

While you may be enjoying spending days and nights in your garden, the end of summer is a good time to begin preparing your garden for the colder months. To do so successfully, start by examining your garden and inspecting where to make changes before the frost arrives. These areas could include any overgrown plants and any herbs which you may be growing outside to take advantage of the sunny weather. For the herbs you are growing outside, you will need to prepare to move them inside. One key way to do so is to move any pots of herbs into a corner of the home which gets sunlight. If you have a well-insulated greenhouse, consider placing them in here for the autumn and winter months. Additionally, if you have a rain barrel in your garden, ensure you empty it properly before the frost arrives. This is due to the chance of frost damaging the barrel should water be left inside.

Your Windows & Doors

Your windows are another key area  for making home improvements which can see your home losing its heat when you need it most. If you currently have single-glazed windows, Home Care Contractors recommend replacing siding and windows at the same time. You can consider double or triple-glazed windows for ensuring that the heat stays firmly inside. For older windows, examine them before the colder months arrive to make sure the glass is sealed against the frame, and it’s not loose or cracked. The windows should also close tight against the frame, so if they don’t currently, it’s time to start filling in any cracks and holes. Likewise, with your doors, if they don’t close snugly against the frames, it’s best to work on improving these quickly. Not only will this keep vital warmth inside, but it will also deter break-ins because those who wish to enter will see it’s harder to do so.

Autumn Cleaning

We’ve all heard of spring cleaning and the wonders it can do for our home. Well, as autumn approaches, it’s a good time to work on any cleaning jobs within the house which may have been pushed to one side in favour of spending time outdoors with our friends and family. However, undertaking an autumn cleaning routine will ensure your home is fresh, clean, and inviting, which is ideal when you’re coming home after being outside in the chilly, rainy weather. One way to prepare your home for the colder months is to wash and air any heavier bedding which you put away for summer. By doing so, you will be able to snuggle up in fresh smelling blankets, rather than musty ones pulled from the cupboard at short notice.

Another way to prepare your home for autumn is to double-check your medicine cabinet and ensure any old medicines are removed and safely disposed of, which you can do so by taking them to a pharmacy where they can get rid of expired or old medicines in the right way. When the weather turns from sunshine to colder days, common illnesses like colds and flu can take hold, which is why it’s important to ensure your medicine cabinet has new, up to date medicine to try and stop the illnesses in their path.

There’s no better time than now to prepare your home for when autumn arrives. The change of seasons brings its own set of challenges, and it’s important to ensure your home is ready to embrace each one.

Do you have any plans for making home improvements to your property?

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