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Freebie website for mums and dads

Parenting can be an expensive business so today I am introducing you to a great freebie website for mums and dads. To be honest, right from the moment you realise you are expecting a baby the spending starts. It is worth it of course as our children bring so much joy but with many families struggling to make ends meet, any help balancing the budget helps. It is great to go bargain-hunting in charity shops and at car boot sales but sometimes a freebie helps so much. Here is a great freebie website for mums and dads.

Great freebie website for mums and dads

Latest Free Stuff already has a big membership of parents and parents-to-be. There are so many freebies highlighted including food, drinks, beauty products and electronics. Freebies listed vary and might include samples, competition prizes, online surveys or product testing. Some of these things may be new to you but they are well worth looking into when you find yourself online.

How  to find freebies

You can visit the website and sign up to Latest Free Stuff’s helpful newsletter. Other ways to get involved are via WhatsApp alerts and their Facebook group. You could pop along and give that a like right now. It can be quite addictive as let’s face it, we all love a freebie! When you get one, there is another thrill in telling your family and friends all about it. You will feel so clever just like when you use sites like Freegle or grab a charity shop bargain.

Examples of freebies

If you are pregnant or know someone who is check out baby freebies. Just a quick glance is exciting as you see baby food, nappies and bath toys listed for starters. Head over to kids stuff and you can see how your can keep your children occupied with days out and things to entertain them on those rainy days at home. There is so much available to you may find yourself on the website longer than you expected.

Don’t forget to treat yourself

I always encourage parents to treat themselves when they can. However tight finances are it is important to look after ourselves with a walk in nature, a bubble bath or good book. Never give up on doing what floats your individual boat at least sometimes in your busy week. It is not selfish – it is crucial to look after yourself so you are in the best physical and mental state to care for your loved ones. Look out for freebies for yourself sometimes and some parents tell me they enjoy scrolling through offers online.

With savings to be made and a bit of a fun hobby, sign up for the daily newsletter from this great freebie website today.

Do you know of another great freebie website for mums and dads?

Freebie Website For Mums And Dads

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  • loopyloulaura

    I signed up for loads of freebies when pregnant with my firstborn but they don’t seem to offer anything for subsequent children! Thansk for linking up with #globalblogging

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