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When the temperature heats up, we seek a cooling tonic and that often comes in the form of a swim. This post is about safety in the pool. There is the sea to cool off in and the cooler temperatures of open swimming in lakes to enjoy too. Increasingly, we are buying swimming pools to enjoy in the garden too, with pool and landscaping design becoming far more commonplace in family homes.Unfortunately, we aren’t always prepared for the cold water shock that comes with plunging into a deep swimming pool, lake or the sea.

Even strong swimmers can get into trouble quickly in cold water so it pays to be safe around water, whether that is a pool in the back garden or a dip in the lake. Hence, you can find the best above ground pool and
install it at your backyard

Safety in the pool

From small paddling pools to larger, deeper family swimming pools, the range of temporary and semi-permanent swimming pools has grown in recent years.

But being safe around water is something we should all be vigilant about but do you really know how to stay safe around water?

This clever infographic Staying Safe by the Pool is a family-friendly guide to pool safety and why we need to take more notice of how we use the pool.

It gives clever hints on what to look for around the pool area, as well as what you should be looking out for when your family and friends over enjoying the sunshine and the pool in your backyard.

Staying safe

Staying safe is not difficult when you know what to look out for. It also helps us to understand why our behaviour changes so much for other times – in the summer, when the sun is shining, we want everyone to relax and enjoy the pool.

But sometimes that means we relax too much leading to some dangerous stuff happening before our very eyes! But with these hints and tips, you will enjoy the summer in the swimming pool, or at the lake or a swim in the sea – just make sure you are really safe!

What tips do you have for safety in the pool?

Safety In The Pool


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  • Crummy Mummy

    This is such an important topic to raise awareness of – we live by the sea so it’s something I’m always conscious of what with the tide & changing currents #MMBC

  • Kirsty - Winnettes (@winnettes_)

    I am always on such high alert around to pool on holiday (and the paddling pool at home). I know what to look for and can sometimes be a touch over eager with my adjustments of the girls swimming but this sort of thing really freaks me out. Knowing how to stay safe and keep the kids safe is vital. Thank you for joining #ThursdayTeam

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