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Eating out in Dubai

Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is a place that is associated with luxury in a lot of people’s minds. I never expected to visit but was given the opportunity to do so with a friend. I could talk about Dubai delights all day long but let’s focus on eating out in Dubai. You could say Dubai is a delicious destination for all foodies.

Eating out in Dubai

Your challenge when dining in Dubai is the huge variety of choices you have available. There is something for every budget from street stalls to Michelin-starred restaurants. It is fair to say Dubai finds itself in the middle of the world so many food cultures have had an influence on its cuisine.

Eating out on a shoestring in Dubai

It often surprises my family and friends when I tell them how affordably you can dine out in Dubai. I will never forget the Ravi Restaurant and the thought of their spicy mutton chops makes me keen to return as soon as possible. It has a great atmosphere and it was my first experience of a Pakistani eatery. You can also select from Thai, Palestinian, Indian, Yemini and Iranian fare on your UAE food adventure.

Michelin starred chefs

The luxurious reputation of the UAE is backed up by high-class eateries run by Michelin-starred chefs. Fine dining can be enjoyed every day of the week if your budget allows.  Gordon Ramsey and Gary Rhodes are two British chefs who have had an impact on the food choices in the UAE. I did not visit such luxury restaurants but they are very much on my bucket list. To discover and book the best restaurants, click here.

Vegan dining in Dubai

I was a late convert to the joys of vegan cookery. I did not believe it could taste good. I was so wrong and regularly eat vegan options now both at home and when dining out. I have a friend who I made the conversion to veganism about 2 years ago. I keep saying we should have a girls’ trip to UAE. She can rest assured there are some fantastic vegan options in Dubai. I think we might head out of Dubai to one of the branches of Wild & the Moon dotted across the emirate to enjoy some plant-based meals.

Street stalls

As you go exploring, it is fun to eat on the move and the UAE is perfect for savouring the street stall scene. You simply cannot beat Old Dubai market with its diverse choice of cuisine inspired by different nations. You could get a meal for just a few pounds or AED20. Shopping is an essential thrill when visiting the United Arab Emirates. It can be thirsty work so indulge in a saffron-flavoured camel milk gelato in the main souk lane. I confess my feet were aching so I ended up in The Sum of Us cafe where I had the best coffee ever. You may think I indulged in some pastries and I couldn’t possible comment.

Next time I visit I would love to try something like the Burj Al Arab food tour. There is also the option to go on a desert safari whilst indulging in fine foods. My food philosophy when travelling is to be willing to try local dishes.

Have you visited the United Arab Emirates? What did you enjoy most about eating out in Dubai?















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