Indian States To Visit On Holiday
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Indian states to visit on holiday

India is one of those countries that my friends always rave about when they visit. My friend visited Sikkim which is the least populous and second smallest among the Indian states. With her Sikkim tour package she was able to enjoy alpine and subtropical climates, She told me about Kangchenjunga the highest peak in India. She has also take in the capital Gangtok. Seeing her holiday snaps started my interest in learning more about the country.

It is also a country that is very much on my bucket list of places to see. I need to make a plan as I would want to spend several weeks there so that I could really get a feel for such a diverse nation. I want to indulge in amazing cuisine, learn more about the culture and visit historical sites. I have narrowed down 5 Indian states to visit on holiday and can lose myself for hours checking out hotels in Goa and my other preferred states.

Indian states to visit on holiday



The thought of strolling in a beautiful beach at sunset is what makes my heart beat a little. I love the sea and even better Goa is famous for its mouth-watering seafood. It is the Hindu temples that would also tempt me to Goa as I love to learn about different religions. My son says he would enjoy a new place to try out water-skiing and windsurfing. Apparently there are wildlife sanctuaries too and I love such places which is probably why Goa is top of my list. Hotels in Goa  look delightful too which is reassuring.

Himachal Pradesh

Who wouldn’t want to visit an Indian state referred to as the Land of the Gods? I know I would love this place as I love anywhere that involves mountains and hills. I love the sea but mountains move my soul and always make me get things in perspective. I plan to visit hill As we searched the Internet for ideas, my teenage son said he thinks mountain-biking here would be awesome.


Punjab would help me learn more about the Sikh religion. It is home to the iconic Golden Temple which my teenage son has wanted to visit since learning about it in his studies at school. I think it would be fun to get off the beaten track and to explore the villages. My friend who goes to India on a regular basis tells me I should not miss the flag lowering ceremony at the Wagh border.


As a Yorkshire lass who knows God’s Own Country in the UK is my very own county, I am intrigued that there is an Indian version called Kerala. Like Yorkshire, Kerala has lots of pretty villages and glorious beaches. With mighty waterfalls, wildlife sanctuaries, national parks and a wealth of history, I can see exactly why it deserves the accolade of God’s Own Country much like Yorkshire itself.


Rajasthan totally captures my imagination as a story-teller. Think romances, wars and misfortunes. There are so many palaces, forts and monuments to see reflecting a powerful folklore heritage. A must-see is the amazing Thar Desert and its Sam Sand Dunes. This is a great place to see rare animals. Jodhpur, Udaipur and Jaipur all sound great and this trip cannot come soon enough.

Have you visited India? What would you say are the best Indian states to visit on holiday?

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