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5 Eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas

It cheers my soul to see so many people now taking the climate change seriously. It is so true that no person is too small to make a difference and so many are now doing their part whether by going vegan or plastic-free. Of course, we are not used to doing Christmas in this way. It is a season so linked to excess and consumption. So today I am sharing 5 eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas to inspire you.


Infini London provide luxury exquisite roses that last a year via an eco-friendly solution. Real, long-lasting and gorgeous, these roses are the perfect gift for a loved one, as well as adding that glamorous touch in the home, just in time for Christmas. Infini have a number of ranges, including the Suede Collection, Diamond collection and the White Diamond collection.  Retailing between £120-£200, Infini London also ship to 190 countries worldwide.

Featured in Marie Claire, The Evening Standard and The Daily Mail, Infini currently have an upcoming Black Friday deal.


Bronwen Gwillim  has a range incredible jewellery made from repurposed industrial plastics.

Bronwen originally trained as a jeweller and silversmith and ran a business in London before moving to Bristol via Somerset. In 2015 she completed an MA which saw her developing work using plastics and resins and the desire to combine these materials with silver to make jewellery made sense.

Since then she has been making sculptural jewellery from repurposed and recycled industrial plastics using hand processes and traditional jeweller’s tools. The shapes and surface textures she creates reference those worn by the sea and allude to the fact that these ubiquitous and non-biodegradable materials will be sadly washing up on our beaches for many years to come.


From Earth to Earth is on a mission to get people making simple swaps for a better future. Their bamboo toothbrushes are great as you can get family packs and they come with different colour codes for every member of the family. Great stocking filler!

Inspirational cards and book

Sea Soul Blessings really appeal to me as a person with a deep love of the sea and a passion for all things inspirational. Treat someone you love to a set of 51 beautiful Sea Soul Blessings cards in sustainable packaging, accompanied by the inspiring mini Sea Soul Blessings book: displayed in a beautiful presentation box.

Small and perfectly formed, your mini book and ‘card of the day’ will fit neatly in your pocket. Alternatively, you can share one or more cards in the display case to continue inspiring you as you go about your day. There are 48 main blessing cards, and 3 different ‘blank’ blessing cards, to complete with your own messages from the sea.


Dook is a small, artisanal company based in Edinburgh, Scotland.  They make salt soap in small batches using organic ingredients, essential oils and natural colours.  Each batch is mixed and poured by hand resulting in distinctive, high-quality hand and body soap.

Sustainability and plastic reduction is central to Dook’s  manufacturing and retail approach.  The main oils used in the soap are organic and from sustainable sources.  Plastic is kept to a minimum during manufacture and all the packaging and shipping materials are made out of exclusively recycled and recyclable materials.

It is great to see so many individuals, families and businesses taking baby steps towards a better world. Here’s to an eco-friendly Christmas!




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