Essential Garden Tools To Make Your Life Easier

Essential garden tools to make your life easier

Gardening is great for your physical and mental wellbeing. Tools can help you save so much time but visiting gardening stores can be daunting. If you are new to gardening, how do you know what to buy? What should be going in your garden tool box or shed? Here are 5 types of essential garden tools to make your life easier as you create a beautiful outside space.

Gardening gloves – essential tools to make your life easier

The thing that always puts me off gardening is getting my hands dirty. With good gardening gloves, your hands can stay lovely and you are also protected from thorns and other things that might cut you in the garden. I love that gardening gloves come in handy whenever you need to protect your hands and how you can get them in your favourite colour or design.


The other thing I dislike about gardening is how powerful weeds are. I also hate that some of them are so pretty so that it is sometimes challenging to know what is and is not a weed. However, there is a satisfaction in tackling weeds so I always have a weeder to hand. I also ensured that my children had mini versions when they were little so that they could lend a hand and get involved too. Weeding forks are also helpful.

Essential garden tools for digging

You cannot really handle your garden for long without a good shovel. It is great for preparing soil before planting flowers or vegetables. You can then create a line in the earth for planting your seeds or bulbs. Trowels are something most of us become familiar with as children as we help our parents garden perhaps having our own little patch.  Good trowels have measures on them too so you can ensure you are planting things at the right depth.  As you build up your gardening supplies over time, you may wish to purchase a cultivator too.

Cutting tools

When I think about my late Dad, I always remember his garden shears. I used to watch him use them and was eventually allowed to have a go myself. He was super vigilant whenever I was working with anything sharp. Shears are helpful for cutting grass, weeds and hedges. Pruners are fantastic for cutting trees and bushes.

Smaller essential garden tools

A tape measure is helpful for ensuring you plant seeds at the right distance from each other. It can also help you ensure your lines are straight if that matters to you. Have some cable ties to hand too as these are great to guide tomato plants and climbing plants such as clematis.

There will always be more tools you can invest in over time but these ones give you a good start. As a beginner gardener, it is best not to invest a huge amount of money in case you do not enjoy gardening. On the  other hand, if you do spend money on some essential equipment it saves you having to take on a gardener.

What are your essential garden tools to make your life easier?

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