Reasons Why You Should Have Lavender Planted In Your House!

Lavender is one of the most versatile plants in the world. It can be used in decor, cooking, and to make a variety of interesting products. Unfortunately, this stunning, aromatic plant has a short growing season. That’s why more plant lovers are choosing to grow lavender at home.

Here are some of the best reasons to have lavender plants in your house.

It’s Beautiful

Interior designers have long been using living plants as a part of their decor schemes. Plants add life and vitality to a room, adding a natural touch in an often synthetic world. Using plants in decor dates back to the ancient practice of Feng Shui and the more recent Theory of Biophilia.

Lavender is a beautiful plant that looks great in any room. It’s also relatively easy to dry, creating long-lasting displays of beauty.

It has Aromatherapeutic Properties

Lavender is one of the most renowned plants in aromatherapy. The soft scent is said to help induce a sense of calm, reducing stress and anxiety when inhaled. This calming effect is also believed to help improve sleep and offset the impacts of insomnia. 

Adding a pot of lavender to your bedside table or living room can help add to the calm atmosphere. Even if you don’t notice any lasting aromatherapeutic effects, it smells great!

It’s Great in Recipes

The idea of cooking and baking with flowers is something that intimidates a lot of people. While this practice has long been a part of the culinary industry, more cooking enthusiasts have started experimenting with florals in their kitchen at home.

Lavender is great in baked goods, particularly when paired with lemon, berries, and vanilla. If cakes and tarts aren’t to your taste, you can also make plenty of cocktails with lavender as the main ingredient. Grow lavender with a collection of other herbs for some refreshing summer drink options that are perfect for a warm evening outside.  

You Can Use it in DIY Beauty Products

You can use lavender in a variety of ways. The pleasant aroma and beautiful color make lavender a fantastic ingredient for DIY beauty products. Lavender is a soft, inoffensive plant that makes it ideal for sensitive skin. 

Use lavender as a key element in simple homemade toners, lotions, soaps, and conditioners. If you’re feeling more creative, you can use it in DIY face masks and bath bombs.

You Can Use it in DIY Cleaning Products

If you’re trying to create an all-natural home, growing lavender is a must. Lavender is a fantastic ingredient in DIY cleaning products. Blend it with other natural cleaning products like vinegar or Castille soap for an aromatic scent that lasts for days.

Use lavender to make your all-purpose cleaner, disinfectant wipes, or laundry soap.

Tips for Planting Lavender Indoors

Lavender is a plant that thrives in full sun. If you want to grow it in your house, you’ll need to place it in a sunny window or use a grow light. Rotate the pot regularly to ensure proper light distribution.

Regular watering is a must when growing lavender at home. Ensure that the soil has adequate drainage to prevent root rot. Never let the soil dry completely between waterings, or your lavender will start to turn yellow.

Fertilize your lavender with a basic plant food at least every month during the summer season. When the season ends, trim back your lavender to encourage further growth. Repot your lavender annually during the dormant season for the best results.

Once you start growing lavender, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Get creative when decorating or making products with this amazing plant. 


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